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You have to know the knowledge of massage

As more and more popular the health massage is. Many people will choose massage to release the pressure, but did not know they have been wrong.

Among Our Best Massage Girls in Dubai, Nancy ( From Korea) can make the best Body to Body Massage for you.

best Massage in Dubai

1: the heavier massage the pain of the massage skill, the better the results? Most people there is such a serious mistake. Think massage the pain that the better the results, and even find had large, heavy girls massage technician, even if there was a tingling or pain in the massage to unbearable levels, also think this is in place. But gimmick is overweight, muscle tissue damage of concluding impact for a long time will be numb. 2: how to judge massage girls technician professional?

(1) not too pursuit of great strength. Whether the massage work, should not be measured in painful or not painful, generally when the massage in the local has a fever or soft feel, the whole body sweating slightly, face turns red, such as performance, has been achieved effective massage strength. (2) according to massage don't stare at a place. General good massage teacher, in the massage after the parts you asked for, will also help you to press the head and limbs, especially siblings is critical. All can press the meridian patency. 3: high pressure insomnia, can be removed by massage? Now people pressure big, western medicine thinks people bring their own neurons from birth, help the brain thinking and memory, but the exhaustion of non-renewable neurons and brain lead to its death. So the head massage is slow down the aging speed of death. Control the sleep a parasympathetic nerve, muscle tension compression to insomnia, it is. By massage, relieve muscle can let the parasympathetic nerve to work properly, and then improve sleep quality. But some of the reasons for insomnia, generally a massage effect maintain 1-2 days at most. Massage therapist needs long-term insomnia, cooperate better diet. 4: pregnant women can enjoy a massage? The first three months of pregnant women can't massage, but after three months can lateral position massage, relieve fatigue, especially during pregnancy in the future, some mothers begin dropsy leg cramps, appropriate massage can easily a lot. But power is very exquisite, especially a foot acupoints, lightly in smaller force. Pregnant women abroad popular massage, many abroad or study abroad background mothers-to-be will regularly to do massage. 5: when the job is busy can't massage frequently, what are the 1 minute tips to alleviate fatigue?

(1) head desk work after 1 hour, head up get 30 seconds to 1 minute. Muscles like a rubber band, you need to stretch and keep back again for a period of time.(2) the work long eye fatigue, eyes look up and down.(3) for 10 minutes before bedtime towel operation: put a towel in his neck, right hand grasps towel respectively on both ends of the pull the towel to rub his neck rub to heat, to achieve the effect of relax the neck muscles. The best massage 6: what is the frequency? Not too often massage, don't be a sore, massage at once. In the acute phase of pain, especially in local tissue swelling significantly, try not to accept a massage. Leisure health massage, 1 times a week, at ordinary times to do more exercise. Physical therapy massage, professional master of specific guidance.

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