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Whether we need to wash off the essential oil after a body massage?

Essential oil massage refers to the method of applying essential oil to the required parts. We can relax the body and relieve stress by massaging the body. Using essential oils to massage, you can relax and relieve stress, while at the same time help to decompress the skin, it is also the best way to beauty.

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Essential oils can not be washed off after massage the face. Because the general facial massage essential oils are all absorbable, as long as the facial oil is not particularly oily after massage on the face, it is not necessary to clean it. Use oil-absorbent paper or facial tissue to gently wipe and absorb excess oil on the face.

We can also make a face essential massage at home. However, if the essential oil massages the face, a large amount of essential oil does not absorb on the surface of the skin, so it needs to be cleaned to avoid burdening the facial skin and blocking the pores. Also remind the fairies, facial oil massage is not recommended to do every day, 1-2 times a week can be.


Essential oils can not be washed off after massage the body. After the essential oil massages the body, it is generally not recommended to wash it immediately, because the essential oil left on the skin surface after the massage can continue to function for the next 6 hours. So if it is to be washed, it is recommended to wash it after 6 hours. . However, if it is after massage, it feels that the surface of the body is particularly oily, and the essential oil is not absorbed at all. After the essential oil massages the body, it can be cleaned.


After the oil is massaged, it is not recommended to wash it off. Because it is generally necessary to use essential oils in the hair, it is recommended to use after washing the hair, use essential oils when the hair is blown to a semi-dry state, then massage, then dry the hair, the effect is the best, so after the hair is massaged with essential oils It does not need to be washed off.

Essential oil massage precautions

1. Before performing an essential oil massage, be sure to perform a skin sensitivity test by taking a small drop of essential oil and applying it to the sensitive area on the inside of the ear or on the inside of the arm. Wash it off after 24 hours. If the skin develops redness and fever during these 24 hours, it is allergic to the essential oil and is not recommended.

2. Whether it is the face, body or hair, be sure to clean before the essential oil massage, so that the essential oil effect can be optimized.

3. It is not recommended to use essential oils in the fragile parts of the human body, such as eyes, nose and mouth. These parts are relatively fragile. Once exposed to essential oils, they may cause irritation, itching and other discomforts, so it is not recommended.

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