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What you can get from a Massage in Dubai

1. Promote the body metabolism Energy circulation increase, the full body will be able to produce more variety of hormones, such as adrenaline, this hormone would be very important to promote the body metabolism, eventually to improve human immunity, the role of resistance. Promote the blood circulation In general, the temperature has a close relationship with the circulation of the blood, a low temperature will cause a low blood circulation. When temperature rise, the circulation of the blood is exuberant. Pedicure can improve the foot blood circulation, increased skin temperature, so as to promote blood circulation of foot and body. To improve the heart function, reduces the load of the heart. Someone had done the test, a healthy person get Dubai massage feet for 30 minutes, the whole body blood flow increased 10-13 times for women, men as 13 to 18 times. Visible, smooth the blood circulation of hot water foot massage can real make and improve healthy. Eliminate fatigue When human body tired, the foot blood circulation will slow down, metabolism of end product, calcium salt and lactic acid substances such as micro crystal deposition will come out. When a body organ function abnormal or sick, because of the influence of the pathologic reflex, it will make the foot more terrible blood circulation. Athletes in a day after violent campaign, the average in the blood contains 30 mg per kilogram of lactic acid. After a Dubai massage 30 minutes, the examination of the blood, about 5 mg. If try a foot bath time, blood lactic acid to reduce the about 20 mg, return to hardly feel fatigue level of lactic acid in the blood. Visible, hot water foot massage is the most simple and effective way to eliminate body fatigue. Eliminate toxins Massage the foot can also good expel excess toxins, especially in the massage foot after taking a cup of cold water. This is because the body massage the foot, the body of energy circulation, metabolism will be accelerated obviously, so can effectively expel excess waste, improve renal function, people also will be more spirit and the young. Improve sleep Foot is rich in nerve endings and blood capillary, the foot has moderate good stimulation of nerve and blood capillary. This warm stimulus to the cerebral cortex, the brain cortex inhibition effect, is excited sympathetic to the parasympathetic nerve transformation successfully. After the parasympathetic nerve excitement, the people at this time in the quiet rest, improve sleep, eliminate insomnia.

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