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What is a Real Oil Massage in Dubai

Essential oil massage is to use base oil to dilute 2-3 kinds of single - side essential oil, after taking a bath, take an appropriate amount of massage whole body skin. The oil massage body can detoxify, relax mood, relieve pressure and other functions. Essential oil whole body massage use what essential oil good, how to choose single side essential oil? Use of essential oils.

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Essential oil massage

The essential oil can enter the cell through massage and then into the blood vessels and tissues throughout the body. The aroma of essential oil also has a great effect on our emotions at the same time, the fragrance of essential oil will enter the lobes of the brain system, there is a door in the field of human unconscious and emotions, through the smell of essential oil, the brain can produce a pleasant feeling. The aroma is easy to help the mood release, helps relieve the body pressure.

The proper use of essential oils are beneficial to health of body and mind, also has some effect on many skin problems, aromatherapy, in many countries abroad as an adjuvant therapy, even be incorporated into coverage, the doctor can give patients essential oils against disease, certification of aromatic massagist compound essential oil can match for some health problems for consumers.

Essential oils are used for skin care products, mainly as raw materials, which can be used as an alternative to synthetic fragrances, as well as anti-inflammatory agents and skin conditioners. It is also the main addition of facial, eye, body and other massage oils. Because the molecular weight of essential oil is very small, it can even be absorbed into the blood through the skin, so there is no need to worry about not being absorbed by the skin.

One of the biggest advantages: strong bactericidal.

One of the biggest drawbacks: allergens and toxicity.

The efficacy of sterilization and anti-inflammatory is the most reliable. Aromatherapy books of various kinds of inflammation, corresponding to the appropriate essential oil, has a very detailed description. Respiratory tract infection, cold, skin wound inflammation, athlete's foot, dandruff, acne and so on. Tea trees, lavender, thyme, eucalyptus, cedar, myrrh... The best known is tea tree and lavender essential oil.

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