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Wendy Swedish Massage in Dubai

As a European massage! Even the effect of a Thai spa massage may be only half of him! Our massage service is mainly Asian massage spa, including Japanese massage, Korean massage, Thai massage, body to body massage, etc., but for Swedish massage, our attention is not low at all! And so many foreign guests like to do this!

Miya is from Malaysia, she is our best masseuse for Swedish Massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Full Service

The Swedish massage is suitable for people who have just finished exercising. Because the muscles will become tense and tight when they are just finished exercising, the Swedish massage just happens to beat the tight muscles by tapping and squeezing.

Before starting the massage, our massage girl will let you choose the type of essential oil.

Detoxified eucalyptus leaves, sexy ginger and lemon, firming the rose essential oil, relaxing and soothing lavender. Our essential oils are 100% natural! Our Dubai Massage Girls generally remind guests that they can bathe before starting massage, because this essential oil is easily absorbed by the skin, so try not to bathe within 4 hours after the essential oil massage, so that the skin can enjoy better moisture.

Swedish massage - optional time is 60 minutes / 90 minutes / 120 minutes

We recommend it to everyone from 90 minutes to 120 minutes, because each part of the body can enjoy the comfort of massage! After you have selected the essential oils and changed the shoes, the therapist will first go to the rest area to lead you to the room. The aroma of the road will let you relax. The massage technician will also stand outside the door while bathing, this is very intimate!

Before starting the formal massage, there will be a “Thailand Pure Foot Ceremony”, which is only available for authentic Thai massage! Not every masseuse can stick to it. After the net ceremony, there will be a “Thai Fanyin Wave” to relax. When you listen to the sound of the birds in the mountains and the sound of the bridge, slowly, you seem to return to the original pure mood, and then slowly, your body and mind have all the relaxation.

The physiotherapist is in harmony with her massage and the comfortable atmosphere. The whole body is soft and soft, and it is easy to fall asleep! Isn't it just for relaxation? Our Asian Swedish Massage SPA will give you this feeling.

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