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The world's top 10 health care massage method (2)

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Korean massage comes from south Korean family. Improved in these years and become a kind of beauty massage method, with moderate prices in beauty field, also known as the "Korean pine bone". In addition to the "bone" this remarkable characteristics, the main content of the oil massage and hot compress is Korean. So in Dubai, Korean massage also often includes shampoo, manicures, Chinese herbal medicine bath.

Massage time 80 minutes

The main efficacy of beauty

Although Korean massage was used for "bone", but more attractive or its beauty effect. Through technique, beauty massage and facial mask, etc. This can remove facial pigmentation and acne, enhance skin elasticity. The other effect prevention and treatment of soft tissue injury and joint strain, improve muscle nutrition supply, eliminate fatigue, refreshing

Massage details

Korean massage first part is the "bone", massage along the shoulder blades, spine, hipbone joint use of massage. Relax limbs with medical stone or hot water bag again after heat skin, vertebrae in about 10 minutes in the shoulder joint and cold. After the pore is stretched entirely, such as massage therapist will massage oil into the palm rub hot, and then to push oil to massage the back and limbs.

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6, the Hong Kong massage: Hong Kong massage technique is a doctor in the south China coastal areas, on the basis of absorbing western oil massage technique. In recent years, it comes to a new methods of massage. Mainly including thumb abdominal pressure, step back and pushed oil method.

Massage 40 ~ 60 minutes

The main efficacy to eliminate muscle fatigue

If you feel the neck and back muscle stiffness, choose Hong Kong massage very well. It has very good efficacy for activating blood circulation and eliminating stasis can obviously regulate, protect and overworked muscles, promote the lactic acid metabolism of muscle fibers, eliminate muscle pain, increase the elasticity of muscle. Other functions to improve human nutrition metabolism, massage the internal organs, moist skin

Massage details

1. The massage therapist with one hand or both hands thumb when applying abdominal pressure, experience can obviously feel acid, swelling and pain. 2. The spine is usually refers to the pressure on the basis of the auxiliary. Massage hands hold on bed sheet or rings, with one foot or both feet pressing to be massage parts, mainly using heel pressing waist, hip, shoulder department. Toes pressing back thigh, on both sides of the spine, cervical roots. Foot pressing back thigh, coccyx and back sides. 3. Push oil massage, massage therapists in experience is back, coated in areas such as the lower limbs, the neck massage oil, expand the hands flat, applying to experience back forward, make muscle rolling forward slightly wrinkled.

7, hot stone massage In 1993, the us masters Mary nelson introduced this kind of hot stone massage with special essential oil massage method (according to personal physical deployment), attracted a large number of Hollywood stars each as it arises.

Massage time of 75 ~ 90 minutes

The main efficacy deep discharge poison

Hot stone itself besides can stimulate the acupuncture points, still can increase the skin absorption of essential oils, so hot stone massage has a deep effect, can purify the internal organs. Other function regulating nerve, relieve fatigue, eliminate undesirable mood

Massage details

Experience the person lying on the couch in the preheating; Massage therapists will give its essential oil and heat in advance of massage stone placed upon the different energy center, such as before the forehead, neck, abdomen, hands, feet, etc. Then combined with massage stone deep muscle massage manipulation.

8, the BODY - FIT massage

Historical sources of France

Massage time 75 minutes

The main efficacy to eliminate cellulite

Dubai Massage therapist details for first experience person whole body peeling. Then with the essential oil from the feet began to gently massage the legs up, abdomen, buttocks, finally relax massage back. And experience in the process of communication through massage, massage on the blood of the different and special area.

9, the TOUCH - LIFE massage

Historical sources in Germany

Massage time 90 minutes

The main efficacy to eliminate the physical and mental fatigue. Massage details before the massage, massage therapists and experience communication first, so that a target. Massage therapists use massage oil, then relax by kneading and touch different parts of the body. With rhythm, the experience to be calm, breathing, is advantageous for the massage therapist will massage speed rather than cooperate. The time is not appropriate massage: female menstruation. The meaning is. Too hungry; Too full, After drinking; When suffering from infectious diseases.

10, lymphatic massage

Historical sources of France

Massage time 120 minutes

The main efficacy detoxifying lymphatic drainage

Massage therapist details along the lymph flow to wipe, enjoy it and with thumb or the rest of the four fingers together in lymphoid repeatedly push wipe in each position for 1 minute. Because the lymph is very sensitive, and massage aims to strengthen the rhythm of lymph circulation, rather than ease muscle fatigue, so massage is lighter.

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