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The time control of oil massage in Dubai

Oil massage appropriate time:

There are many difference between different kinds of essential oil massage. If just want to promote the essential oil molecules absorb. Just 1, 2 minutes would be enough. The pure essential oils and carrier good plant oil, absorption is very quickly, especially oil, can fast in ten seconds to permeate skin.

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Amy Massage in Dubai

Body massage also typically have promote body blood and lymph circulation, relieve fatigue, pain, swelling, if in accordance with the law of meridians to massage, can be used as an auxiliary treatment and prevention for many common diseases. Facial massage can promote skin circulation, make the function of active, slow down the progress of ageing, reduce wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags, bright skin beauty effect, etc. Whether the body or face, 15 to 30 minutes of massage can be, if the parts, each part to meticulous some massage, can prolong time, two hours can whole body. Professional spa, just hand or foot massage time can be an hour or so? If not enough time, by massage for 5 minutes. If it is sensitive, acne, inflammation, damage to the skin is not suitable for too many massage, especially the skin is very red, inflammation is heavy, according to many can aggravate the skin problems. Need to wash after oil massage in Dubai? Can't wash according to the situation after you massage, if not after massage oil or a little oil, can not wash or use make up cotton is a good idea to wipe, if like what you said is oil, suggest it is better to have a wash, because after a massage oil, that is your skin to absorb so much, just like nutrition surplus, you don't wash, it can block the pores, acne will develop. Also make you uncomfortable, sleep because sleep is always unconsciously turn round, face the oil will get the pillow. Don't use oil massage every night, general words can do once a week or two, finish you can go to bed, don't go to watch TV, play computer, because of citrus essential oils will photosensitive, can let the skin become black. Supplement, after you massage oil, may be you use quantity many, may be bad skin. Content about oil massage and there are many other ways, to learn more, please focus on knowledge network, or in the hotel web search keywords can be extended more rich knowledge.

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