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The Role of Essential Oil in Massage

In Dubai, of course you can see so many massage center in downtown. After a whole working day, what can provide you a relaxing time? Yes, a full time full body massage. In this Dubai winter, cool wind and dry air can send you the best experience of a body massage. On the other hand, you can also choose any kinds of massage you like, such as Japanese style or the Thai. But do you know that, the essential oil can make your massage more effective and get better experience. Now it me tell you something about the massage oil.

Yuki is from Japan, she is the best masseuse of oil massage.

Dubai Full Body Massage

Facial massage

After cleansing the face, apply a massage oil suitable for your skin type, massage lymphatic drainage with your hands for 5 minutes, dry skin can be once every other day, oily skin once a week, young and delicate skin massage time should not be too long. Relaxing and aging skin takes 8 minutes of massage time and twice a week.

Bathing method

In addition to inhalation, bathing is also a way to absorb essential oils. The aromatic bath can enjoy the fun of essential oils and has a very good effect. Essential oil bathing can be divided into three types:

Foot bath. Hand bath. Sitting bath

If you don't have time, you can add a few drops of essential oil in a bowl of warm water and stir the essential oil to soak your hands or feet or lower body. It is a simple way to replace the essential oil bathing method.

The foot bath has a good effect of relaxing the body and mind and improving fatigue, especially after hard work or long distance travel.

Hand baths are especially beneficial for eliminating pain caused by arthritis.

The bathing method is also very economical. It is the best cleaning method for physical health care. It can prevent many physiological problems and diseases, such as reproductive system problems and acne problems.


Essential oil immersion is a method of adding essential oils to a bathtub and then soaking the body. After filling the bathtub with water, choose the essential oil that suits you according to your physical and psychological conditions. If it is half-pool water, just put 4 drops of essential oil into it, then add milk (or honey, red wine, sea salt) in an appropriate amount, then use your palm to level.

Quickly "break up" the essential oil so that the essential oil is evenly mixed in the water and you can soak into the bathtub. The oil has a strong penetrating power and can be absorbed by the body to run through the body's blood circulation. Each soaking time is about 15-30 minutes, and the temperature is about 38 ° C. If the skin is relatively dry, you can add a few drops of base oil. Different types of base oils have different curative effects and have different moisturizing effects on the skin.

Take a shower

The shower is the most convenient way to clean the body, especially in the hot summer, women must also use a shower to cleanse the body during the physiological period. When showering, you can still use essential oils by adding 2~3 drops of essential oil to the usual bath solution (preferably a natural and simple bath) or aromatherapy bath without aromatherapy. Just fine.

Skin care

According to the authoritative medical research report of the United States, each person absorbs up to 2000 grams of chemical ingredients from the daily use of cosmetics, skin care products and daily necessities through the skin. These synthetic chemicals bring a heavy burden to the body. And the accumulation of toxins is the original cause of major diseases.

We can also make some aromatic skin care products instead of chemical skin care products. Using the base oil as a skin care product, the skin can directly absorb the plant essence, which not only achieves the beauty effect, but also reduces the absorption of toxins. This is also a kind of aromatherapy. Significance.

The method of making skin care products is also very simple. The easiest way is to buy a natural fragrance-free cream or lotion. Add the essential oil according to the general dosage, which is the best essential oil care product.

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