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The method of back massage

About massage in Dubai, we all know that there are a lot of benefits. Specially the back massage, can rise to regulate full body, raising lung protection, the effect of disease of prevention and treatment of neck and shoulder. So what are back massage? How to care back? What are the benefits?

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Back massage health care method 1: dumbbell method

Practice: stand legs apart, knees bent. Chest forward, but always keep back straight. Dumbbell, with both hands to the sides level, feel the back muscles strength. Repeat this action 2 groups, each group 20 times. This works quickly.

Back massage health care method 2: back off the ground

Practice: lie on your back in bed, hands on both sides of the body, and then bent legs, heel stick tightly the thighs back, his hands to the sides of the head the palm on the ground, then inhale and arched back, that is to say, your feet knee kneel on the ground, his hands vigorously propping up arch body, hip and abdomen is rising up at the same time.

Back massage health care method 3: learn cat hance method

Practice: wake up in the morning, rubbing his eyes, first rub face, comb my hair back with the hand, and arm from the shoulders, shock vibration arm backward, backward upward, then lying on the stretch or up quite a few pretty abdomen, turn down again, like a cat "long" vigorously arch hance, stretch back as far as possible, and the muscles of the limbs.

Back massage health care method 4: hands stretching method

Practice: our hands clasped hands behind, as far as possible unbend arm, at the same time try to show his service to the limit, so under 50, this time will feel shoulder blades above parts will be squeezed, at the same time also helps to exercise the muscles of the chest.

Back massage method can have very good health care keeping in good health, of course we care on the back also should pay attention to methods, the above we sought treatment of traditional Chinese medicine back care for everybody introduced four kinds of methods, is very simple, everyone can learn!

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