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The efficacy and role of Helichrysum essential oil massage in Dubai

In Dubai, the Japanese Oil Massage has been more and more popular. People would like to go for massage with different kinds of essential oil massage. As usual, people like the Rose oil, grape seed oil or some else. Today, I will introduce this Helichrysum massage essential oil to you.

Helichrysum essential oil is extracted from Helichrysum and belongs to the family Asteraceae. The essential oil is generally called "eternal oil", and its plant is called "no wither flower".

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Helichrysum essential oil has a strong straw and fruity aroma, and contains a hint of tea and honey; the color is light yellow to red. The viscosity is water.


This evergreen herb can grow up to 60cm high and is also known as the Italian immortal grass or without flowers. The stem has branches, the leaves are silver-green, aromatic, and the flowers are dark yellow, similar to daisies.

When the plants mature, the flowers dry, but still retain the original color. There are about 500 varieties of Helichrysum, but only a few varieties can be used to extract essential oils. In the Middle Ages, the flowers of Helichrysum were used as an embellishment throughout Europe.

Extraction method

Helichrysum essential oil is extracted by steam distillation using fresh or dry tufted flower heads. If the flower is distilled within 24 hours after picking, a high quality oil can be obtained. The more the flower is taken from the young plant, the better the essential oil is distilled. In Dubai, because of the high temperature, we also need to pay attention to the storage of it.

The Efficacy and Role

1) Helps to treat disorders of the circulatory system. It can alleviate the pain of arthritis and rheumatic diseases, and has a good therapeutic effect on colds, flu, bronchitis, cough and asthma.

2) It has excellent regeneration effect and can help treat scars, acne, dermatitis, stretch marks, lice and abscesses. Folk medicine also uses it to treat scars and senile plaques.

3) Helps treat digestive diseases and reduce congestion of the liver and spleen.

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