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The effect of oil massage in Dubai

Oil massage means massage with essential oil. It will be massage with essential oil blending good massage oil, apply at the site of the need to relax, then massage. Oil massage can make us relax your body and pleasant mood, relieve stress.

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Body to Body Massage in Dubai

Oil pressure massage function and effect is as follows: Oil massage can stimulate and adjust our physiology, increase blood circulation balance, regulate endocrine, is a healthy senior physical therapy regimens. Can massage to human body and limbs, and then into the heart of the people, also can adjust the pressure of the heart and balance, to achieve the effect of keeping in good health. There are many kinds of massage method also has a lot of parts, oil massage, of course, there are a lot of attention.

Parts of the head massage: the strength should be finger, the finger gently massage the entire head. Massage around the bottom of the neck, then massage along the neck to the top of your head, hand as long as the sliding, slightly stronger strength. Back massage: back massage is all about, the technique of sliding and kneading, according to different people with different strength can be, but don't massage on the spine. From the waist on both sides of the massage to his shoulders, and then down to the outer edge of the back, massage action coherent, after repeatedly, the body will feel relax. There are many kinds of oil pressure massage, the massage part, of course, is not only more than two. To the chest, abdomen, knees, etc. Parts can use massage oil.

Is the main oil massage, massage, oil is the key. Base oils are: the basis of oil massage olive oil, wheat germ oil, rose hip oil etc. Different bottom oil has different functions, the basis of olive oil can be used in the processing of weight loss and sunburn, wheat germ oil can help people to repair the scar injury or surgery, rose hip oil for trauma scalded, sunburn, and so on has a good therapeutic effect.

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