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The Effect of Essential Oil Back Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, most popular ordinary families are enjoying essential oils massage more and more. One of the important purposes, is the back massage with essential oils, it is through the massage technique, will be beneficial to human body when the essential oil molecules through the skin. Penetrate into the body of a method of preserve one's health, it has a lot of benefits to human body health, so, what effect does it have specific?

Among our Dubai Massage Girls, Miya can make the best oil back massage for you.

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1, the principle of back massage

Back massage on the basis of high quality essential oils, our Massage Girls in Dubai undertakes massage, according to the direction of the body's lymphatic duct with different essential oils, can achieve different results. Back massage focuses on the human body vertebra on both sides of the bladder, it is like a building of total water pipe, once there is a blockage, pipe is not smooth, bladder, too, if there is a defective man began to suffer from high, and now all day in a busy job in lack of exercise, the body is in a state of sub-health. Do back massage can obviously improve the symptoms.

The back massage also need natural aromatic essential oil, quality is very pure essential oils used in aromatherapy, essential oils of molecular particles smaller than one thousand times that of the human cells, it can ten minutes into the blood and lymph circulation, 4-12 hours can be completely out of the body toxins in the body.

2, the effect of back massage

1, promote the blood circulation can help the human body, loose physique, adjust mood, calm, calm, relax, relieve mental pressure, eliminate fatigue, tighten skin, restore elasticity. Soothes the body's lymphatic duct and discharge of waste. With massage back after back massage, can have the effect of removing, temperature with t2dm, remove body's pain.

2 back massage according to different requirements, essential oils, can have different specific usage. The detoxification drainage oil: if back can use, it can eliminate the toxin inside body. Muscle soreness essential oil: if some parts of the body such as: neck, arm, leg ache can use, can eliminate muscle fatigue and pain. Used in neck stiffness effect is a plus.

Relieve essential oil: if work stress, stress is larger, the forehead can use the essential oil, can help relieve stress, relax the whole person compare. Calm sleeping essential oil: can help improve the quality of sleep, improve sleep not steadfast, much dream. Contour sculpture essential oils: according to the shape is more standard, local slightly plump body, sculpture body curve, the figure is more compact, and attractive.

3, in the autumn and winter, because the daily exercise less, the toxin inside body and fat will not be able to with sweat out, strange effect is through the back massage oil, through proper massage, smooth the blood circulation, eliminate toxin in the body and fat, alleviate nerve, improve immunity, essential oils and can also remove aged cutin, make skin luster and delicate

Use essential oils to health care, health, is the main approach to care a lot of families now, due to the essential oil in easy back massage, for young and old, and has excellent effect on health, so, in recent years, oil back massage has become a lot of family health care necessary activities, believe in the future, it will be more beautiful people of all ages.

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