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The effect and method of rose oil body massage

The effect and method of rose oil body massage

Now, in Dubai, there are a lot of people like choosing a massage, which can cure many diseases, but also can rise to alleviate the aging, beauty, and other aspects of the role. So now there are a lot of people, want to specific look at the whole body oil massage effect of roses and the using method, in order to you can understand this kind of massage method as soon as possible. Now, let's take a look at the following detail.

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1. Introduction: essential oil skin effect: purify detoxification, anti-aging. Essential oil psychological effect: relieve pressure. Essential oil body curative effect: liver, kidney, intestines and stomach, the body flush out toxins, to raise curative effect. It is given priority to with the bitter rose essential oil, angelica, patchouli and other traditional medicine (TCM) for compatibility, through the skin into the body inside, enter the lymphatic system and through various channels and collaterals, make the body of toxins out as soon as possible. Suitable skin types: all skin types. 2. Efficacy:

(1). The bitter rose essential oil: promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine disorders, mild antidepressant, the skin has the efficacy of nourishing whitening, especially for aging skin has the effect of rejuvenation.

(2). Angelica root essential oil: moisture to dry, anti-aging, liver decrease the effect of vascular resistance.

(3). Patchouli essential oil: accelerate the metabolism of human body, promote skin regeneration and wound scab over, can effectively improve the rough cracked skin, and shrink pores, the weather is dry, such as diet caused by water shortage and loose skin has good rejuvenation effect, make the skin regain the light.

(4). As a young sweet almond oil, it has a good close skin resistance, and the characteristics of high nutrients, is good moisturizing and mixed oil. Suitable for baby, dry, wrinkle, acne and sensitive skin.Its moisture, soften skin function is good, and can be treated as itching, redness, dryness and inflammation of the skin.

3. The method of use: apply 5 drops of essential oil on the body surface of the skin with the correct gimmick massage 2-3 minutes, gently massage until completely absorbed. Or take 5 drops of essential oil directly into bath water. 4. Note:

(1). Please deposit in ventilation temperature place, avoid strong light and heat.

(2) for children to avoid eating by mistake or misuse, please put in children is not easy to get a place.

(3). Allergic skin and fragrance please sensitive test before using several times (very little after put on in the ear or suction).

(4). Plant aromatic essential oil of drugs, please do not replace the regular treatment.

(5). When the pregnant women and women's menstrual period with caution.

(6). You are the eyes, avoid is used during the day.

(7). Please do not mix with other cosmetics.

5. Parameters: the bitter rose, angelica, patchouli, sweet almond oil etc. Rose body oil massage effect and method of use, for a lot of people just above introduces some of the massage effect and method of use, so to think through the whole body oil massage as soon as possible, can pass on a comprehensive understanding of the above content, understand its efficacy, understand it using method, and then try to through the massage method, keep your body healthy.

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