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The benefits of SPA MASSAGE in Dubai

The word SPA comes from the Latin word "Solus Par Agula" (Health by water), Solus (Health), Par (in), Agula (water), meaning water to achieve healthy, healthy water. SPA refers to the use of water resources combined with bathing, massage, smear and aromatherapy to promote metabolism, to meet the human body's vision, taste, touch, smell and thinking to achieve a body and mind enjoyment.

SPA and body to body massage are soothing and decompression method that combines professional beauty therapists, water, light, aromatic oil, music and other elements to help people achieve body, mind and spirit.

Cici is from Malaysia, she is good at the body to body massage in Dubai and the SPA service for you.

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Effect of the loop

When cold water is spilled on the surface of the body's skin, the blood vessels around the body contract and the blood is forced to flow deeper into the body.

Heart effect

The heavy use of cold water reduces the heart rate and may increase the coordination of cardiovascular tissue. The use of hot water increases the load on the heart, because when hot water is used, the peripheral blood vessels expand a lot and the blood flow rate is inevitably accelerated.

Blood pressure

The use of cold water can cause blood pressure to rise and then fall again. When using cold water massage or toiletries to spray cold water, the mechanical stimulation of the skin will increase blood pressure. If you use a lot of hot water, usually at the beginning of use, blood pressure will have a short rise time, and then it will fall again.

Respiratory effects

The first time you use a cold water for a SPA massage in Dubai, you will breathe a breath, your breathing will accelerate, and the depth of your breathing will be larger than usual. But the body's response to hot water is not like a cold bath. Hot water baths tend to increase the frequency of breathing, but the depth of the entire breathing movement is still shallow.

Skin effect

The cold water bath will cause the skin to pale and the skin's elastic fibers to shrink, causing the skin surface to swell the goose bumps, and then redden, and the sensitivity of the tactile reflections disappears. A hot bath massage in Dubai with a high temperature will produce a similar reaction, but the skin will not be so pale, and the degree of excessive goose bumps is not as strong as that of a cold bath.

In the early stage of bathing, warm water forms a pale phenomenon on the surface of the skin, but the skin gradually turns red. A hot water bath will reduce the sensitivity of the touch, but a moderate warm bath will increase the sensitivity of the skin.

Metabolic effects

A cold water bath enhances functionality and basic metabolism and increases inhaled oxygen capacity. The lower the temperature around the bath, the faster it takes to receive a cold bath. If the water temperature of the hot water bath is hot enough and the bathing time is long enough to raise the temperature of the human body, the hot water bath also has the function of increasing the basic metabolic rate of the human body.

Muscle effect

A short cold bath will enhance the vitality, coordination and function of the random and involuntary muscles, while also increasing heat and oxidation, but the long cold bath will eventually cause stiffness. The high temperature but short-lived hot water bath muscle formation has the same effect as a short-time cold water bath, but the degree is not the same.

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