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The benefits of oil massage face

1, what's good about oil massage face

Can promote the blood circulation of skin, make the cell regeneration, recover skin elasticity. In addition, the use of essential oils massage skin more adjustment the exudation of oily skin, maintain the acid-base balance of skin, make skin grease is not easy accumulation, avoid all kinds of blockages, prevent skin aging.

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Massage can make nerve endings adjustable, and can stimulate blood circulation, while essential oils are highly permeable, massage oils, arrived in the dermis skin in 3 minutes, 5 minutes into the lymph and blood systems, and circulation and treatment efficacy. The molecules is very small and active of plant essential oil itself, but through the skin into the blood vessels and lymphatic system, and make it run the whole body, to promote lymph circulation, eliminate toxin in the body, so as to achieve by inside and outside beauty effect, and make body skin become smooth and elastic.At the same time, plant essential oil can be absorbed by the blood, blood vessels, the body wastes and toxins out of the body through the lymphatic system, improve the state of the muscle, the muscle will not shrink by lack of exercise, can also help the decomposition of subcutaneous fat cells, and at the same time remove mental and emotional tension, make the person feel at ease. 2, how essential oil massage face

Essential oil massage eye use specific steps are as follows: the first step: 1 drops essential oil in your middle finger, and then thin smear around the eyes;The second step: in the eye with his finger, massage from medial to lateral sides together, probably around 15 times; Step 3: with your index finger in the middle of the eye, the eye socket, gently daub, reach the purpose of stimulating eye acupuncture points, can reach the blood circulation, improve the effect of black rim of the eye;Step 4: the merge of the index finger and middle finger, ring finger, three finger abdomen, in the eye by means of remaining that took about five seconds, also can promote the blood circulation, relieve eye ache. 3, what is a good oil massage face with

Recipe: grapefruit 2 + rosemary 1 drops + 10 ml or grape seed oil and sweet almond oil efficacy: detoxification essence oil, grapefruit essential oil belongs to the drainage and promote bile secretion, help digest fat. So for the loop body is poor, the lack of movement effect slimming effect is obvious. Recipe: 20 ml base oil + 5 drops of lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil 5 drops + 3 drops of tea tree oil efficacy: helps to regulate endocrine, also can promote sleep. Help anti-inflammatory acne skin.

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