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The benefits of massage face every day

The face is a person's appearance, so everyone love it increases. Women especially value their face, so always try their best to make it beautiful. In addition to cosmetics, cosmetic these means, massage is also a good way to be regarded as a kind of beauty.

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The benefits of a face massage

Massage can help relax body is known to all, accelerate blood circulation, and many other advantages, then massage face is also a reason. Massage your face in a right way can relax facial muscles, accelerate the metabolism of cells, so as to achieve the effect of firming skin, thin face even. Women in the middle, will worry about their skin flabby or wrinkles, so middle-aged women tend to be more like facial massage. Conditional to special beauty salon, own massage at home without conditions. 2, the disadvantages of massage face every day

Although massage the face is many women shall do one thing every day, but there are still many people in the face, there is no master the correct method. This is very terrible, like chaos to take medicine, not only short of effect, it will have side effects. If you use the wrong massage technique, is likely to make the skin become more relaxed, then will be regret. Still have even if without a wash hand massage, infection caused by bacteria to face. 3, the crowd is not suitable for a facial massage

1, the blain on the face or severe acne. Face the wound of hand contact, very susceptible to infection, inflammation, so this kind of person is not recommended for facial massage, touch your face with the hand movements don't do it.

2, sensitive skin. Skin allergy is often comes to go, but if you use the hand massage, it can aggravate the symptoms, recovery will be slow.

3, thin cuticle. Daily massage will accelerate the loss rate of corneous layer, corneous layer is thin, so if you itself is not recommended often massage the face, it is good to let nature take its course. Say so many, more important is to master the correct method for facial massage. You can go to the beauty salon to find suits own massage technique, and then according to their own massage skin condition to set their own schedules.

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