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The benefits of a head massage in Dubai

Do you know the head massage skills? Head is the main organs, through the head massage, can treat a lot of disease, relieve headaches, dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms. So how can we give head massage?

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Dubai Massage Girls

The benefits of a head massage 1, to prevent high blood pressure, physical disorders, facial nerve disease. 2, relieve headaches, insomnia, tinnitus, anxious and depressed problem. 3, let the head blood more unobstructed, increase the brain blood circulation, improve hair quality. 4, strengthen physical health, improve complexion, clear refreshing brain.

Second, the head massage shop technique is introduced Method 1: take hold. Balance method is usually used in head and neck massage. Role is to reconcile the brain blood, alleviate the pressure of the head. Method is very simple, stretched out his hands, the thumb, index finger, middle finger bend, and then the selected points on the brain, a loose a tight balance. Operation, should be strength on the finger, to the vitality of finger, to drive part of the operation. As shown, pay attention to the movement wants coherent, be flexible. Method 2: push.Push method is mainly used for head massage, role is to change the sleep quality, have effect for patients with insomnia. As shown, for the wind in the pool, and then like doing eye exercises, push with your fingers the eye socket, knead temple, and then press the wind pool hole on either side of the cervical spine, long-term persistence, can get a good sleep. Method 3: according to the law. According to the method of comparison of the commonly used in the body massage, role is to dredge meridian, accelerate blood circulation, make skin more stretch, make muscle relaxation. Suitable for sitting in front of a computer for a long time of workers. Technique is that will meet the middle finger point to an abdomen, press on both sides of the temple, and then in a clockwise direction, press the two minutes. Or stomach on critical limb acupuncture points, a fall of regular press, so also can let the body more easily. Method 4: Massage the head and neck and back massage often used style. It can stop our muscles taut, eliminate the fatigue of the body. Method is to make the hands stretched out, and then let the palm on the skin, up and down alternately, tap the acupuncture point, pay attention to the strength, pay attention to rhythm, to the power of the wrist with a knife.

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