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Some Tips of Healthy Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, now, a lot of people have body pain, stiffness, the cause of these conditions is also very much. For this kind of situation we first thought is to do a body massage in Dubai, also have a lot of attention for a massage. Full body massage may be the best way to solve the problems. Here's a look at the following.

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Dubai massage full service

A lot of people go to massages to think that to release the pain the presses is to have effect, actually otherwise, the presses is not the best, the following detailed introduction below.

To alleviate physical discomfort, more and more people are choosing to go to some health care stores or massage parlors for massage. Can be in the idea of a lot of people, massage with pain's twin brother, even has many friends think massage technique in the process of the heavier, feel more pain can more effectively, this really true? What should we remember about massage? Take a look!

The best feeling of massage is not pain, but a feeling of acid

Massages girls in Dubai can be divided into two types: health massage, leisure massage and therapeutic massage. For general public old say, belong to health care, casual massage commonly, appropriate massage can make a person rejuvenate, invigorate spirit, get rid of sub health condition. The best feeling in the massage is that you have a certain amount of swelling, not pain. If the level of pain is even worse than it can be tolerated, it's already grossly abnormal.

From the perspective of modern medicine, the pain site often accompanies soft tissue aseptic inflammation. Pain is a protective mechanism that serves as a warning function. If there is a pain, it can cause damage to the body. If there is more severe pain during massage, you should stop it in time to prevent the bad result!

So, how to judge whether massage is effective? Experts said that the best massage strength should be a local acid bilges, fever, soft, the body sweats, facial redness, such as performance, slightly massage under this strength can largely avoid the body damage.

Massage is good but avoid the minefield.

Massage has a lot to do with our physical health, but not everyone is fit for a massage. The following major diseases and conditions are seen as a "minefield" for massage to avoid! Patients with hemostasis, especially those with platelets, are not allowed to carry out the massage, so as to avoid massive hemorrhage and aggravate the development of the disease.

In case of acute soft tissue injury, it is necessary to apply local cold compress a few days in advance to prevent the use of stretch blood and massage massage, in case of local bleeding and the increase of seepage.

Menstruation and pregnant women must not be stimulated at the lower waist and lower abdomen. Severe hypertensive patients avoid the massage therapy which can cause severe pain in patients, so as not to increase the urgency of blood pressure. Patients with malignant tumor should not be promoted to avoid the opportunity to increase tumor cell metastasis.

All kinds of each part of the ulcerative skin disease, severe heart disease, acute slippery bursa phlogistic, and nerve root inflammatory edema in period of lumbar disc and nerve root type cervical spondylosis, all cannot do massage therapy.

The dual role of health massage

The use of health massage and self-care massage can not only prevent disease, but also play the role of fitness strength. Especially self-massage, in fact, summed up the massage, gymnastics, such as some effects, namely the need to subject himself to voluntary movement, to complete all kinds of massage technique, even less slow movement is also beneficial to human body health.

Exercise is an indispensable source of stimulation for the human body. In exercise, the feedback of the peripheral nerve can improve and strengthen the brain function. The exercise of massage and self-massage can also increase the lung capacity of human body, exercise the muscle reserve force and promote blood circulation.

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