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Some Tips Before Your Foot Massage

Nowadays, people are under great pressure from the busy work. Especially in Dubai, all this city are in high speed developing, for the annual shopping festival and also for the Dubai Expo 2020. But once the people are ill after a high intensity work, they either insist on their work and then take regular medicine.

In fact, this is meaningless to the body. If you're sick, it’s a physical protest from your body. What we need is to treat it seriously, to condition it, and relax it. We should understand this truth and attach importance to self-maintenance in daily life. In many people's minds, which part of the body is most worthy of attention? Is it the neck, the chest, the buttocks? The answer may be our feet.

Foot massage is a great health benefit. We have summed up a few good tips. Some are before the massage, and some are after the massage. I will explain it to you today. Because it is some method of your own, everyone according to your own situation.

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Before the Foot Massage

The time of foot massage is very important. Many people like to go to massage center for health massage. The time is generally not fixed. Whenever there is, I personally feel that the best time for foot massage is 2 to 3 hours before going to bed at night, because after the feet massaged, it is a kind of healthy maintenance for the body to relax. It is best to rest after the massage.

Massage is not suitable for eating a full meal. Because our appetite needs to digest food after eating, then your appetite needs a large supply of blood. At this time, the blood in the feet will be accelerated, which is unfavorable to your health.

In the process of foot massage

When we have a foot massage, it is best to soak the feet first. When the feet are opened, the temperature of the water should not be too high. If the feet are put into the water, it feels slightly warm. After two or three minutes, you can slowly heat up a little. Will continue to heat until the body sweats slightly best.

The first foot massage adds up to about 10 minutes. At this time, we can stand up and walk, relax the soles of the feet, and then we start the second massage. This massage can be slightly increased, massage to the heel. Rub it with your palm until it gets warm. The time of the second massage, I generally insist on 20 minutes, personally feel that my massage method can massage the muscle of the foot well, and will not cause damage to the soles of the feet.

After the massage

When the massage finished, do you want to drink plenty of water? The doctor said that the foot massage will promote blood circulation, the pain during massage will also cause the body to self-immunize, causing the body to accelerate metabolism, the body will produce metabolites, drinking water will help the body to waste metabolism. However, it is not to say that you should drink a lot of water when you massage. It is best to drink some water after 10 minutes of massage. This is the most correct.

The above tips of the foot we personally insisted. Moreover, I would like put a little bath salt in the water, so that it can be sterilized, it can also play a role in promoting blood circulation, and also lay a good foundation for the foot massage for a while.

If you want to know more about it, or get more tips or notes, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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