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Some small Massage Techniques in Dubai

In Dubai, by the high pace of city building, the people also get more and more pressure in their daily life. They would like to pay more attention to the healthy. Not only by eating nor hospital, people still pay attention to the Massage to get a better body.

Massage manipulation is different from the specific areas on the surface of the human body to eliminate fatigue, adjust the body information, enhanced physique, overcome some dysfunctional accelerate the circulation of blood in the body.

Shoulder and neck massage

1. Shoulder massage. The traditional Japanese doctor medicine believes, shoulder department is the brotherhood of three core meridians intersection, massage 60 times each time in morning and evening, can be a so effective prevention and treatment of periarthritis of shoulder, neck diseases such as cervical spondylosis.

2. Massage on the neck. Neck, is the body meridians to the head, body important channel. Massage in the morning and 60 times each day, would be a prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis, vascular headache, cerebrovascular disease, etc

1. The massage arm. Upper department as a "core", is the important parts of the body organs outside network segments. Daily in the morning and at 60 times, that is, from the medial alar to the inside of the wrist, from the lateral wrist to the shoulder. Often massage the upper department, can dredge meridians, to reconcile blood, on the cardiovascular system, respiratory system disease, the control effect of upper limb pain has fine effect.

2. Massaging the lower limbs. Leg ministry for "the pulse of foot three Yin foot three Yang". Daily in the morning and beat from down to up, below the waist to the shares, and repeatedly slapping 60 times, with many comfortable regulate body function etc.

The waist abdomen massage

1. The massage abdomen. For ren meridian through, his hands together in the navel, every morning and evening according to clockwise rubbing around 60 times up and down, and then with the same technique the counterclockwise rubbing 60 times, can improve the function of the digestive system, reproductive urinary system.

2. Massage the waist. Lumbar kidney of mansion, daily morning and evening massage waist, can strong kidney strong waist, the treatment of kidney empty lumbago, lumbar diseases such as rheumatic lumbago, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion has good curative effect

Side ribs and massage sacral tail

Massage side ribs. Side rib parts for liver and gallbladder meridians SEC (door, the door chapter), the daily morning and evening by 60 times, adjust blood pressure, etc. To treat liver disease and stitches, intercostals neuralgia with curative effect.

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