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Some Notes for Your Foot Massage

The foot massage industry is booming in all around the world especially in Dubai.

Large and small "foot bath" and "pedicure" billboards make people know that this is a popular and effective method to relax your body in daily life. Thus, by this reputation, the benefit of foot massage is more familiar to people.

Foot massage, also known as foot reflexology, foot pathological massage, foot health, etc., is a massage therapy that stimulates the foot reflex zone. But do you know that, there are so many notes and knack in the massage, such as how to choose a masseuse, how do you know what is the most suitable kind of massage for you, and how to choose a good massage oil by yourself and so on.

Body Massage in Dubai

Helen (From Japan) is very professional in foot massage.

Today, let me give you some tips and notes of foot massage in Dubai.

Before the Massage

Before the massage, you must cut and wash your nails. To avoid damage to the skin, apply a grease on the skin to lubricate it. Then, depending on the point of massage, take a round or vertical method. And for most massage parts such as massage legs, you need to pay attention to that the massage direction would be to the heart, the intensity of the stimulus should be from light to heavy, gradually increasing the pressure.

The room should be kept warm, ventilated and fresh air. When the disease is cured in the summer, the fan cannot be used to blow the feet.

In Massage Process

If the customer is nervous, physically tired, or is in emotional excitement, let the customer take a break and wait calms down before treatment.

After the Massage

After the massage, within half an hour, drink 500 ml of warm water (no more than 150 ml for kidney disease). In order to facilitate the excretion of metabolic waste.

Other Notes

To avoid compression of the bone parts, to prevent periosteal inflammation or swelling of the blood.

Injury to the foot, to avoid pressure on the injured part of the foot, should find the pain point massage of the upper and lower limbs related reflection area.

Long-term foot massage, the feeling of pain in the foot will be dull. At this time, the feet can be soaked in salt water for half an hour, the sensitivity of the foot will be enhanced, and the treatment effect will be greatly improved.

If you want to know more about foot massage, or more tips on how to find the best massage for you, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any questions you may have.

Dubai Foot Massage

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