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Some Method of Relaxing Shoulder Massage

Japanese massage's effect is mainly to increase circulation, relieve the fatigue of the body, and improve the skin. It also called aroma massage, it needs to be done by pushing oil to massage. The effect of essential oil of different is different also. Japanese massage main along the direction of lymphatic massage, complete detoxification in the process of adding microcirculation. An shoulder massage time is about 60 minutes.

Remove the shoulder ache For people in front of the computer all day, the shoulder pain is a common problem. So watching TV in the evening or before going to bed, you can refer to the following methods and their partners to massage each other. Adhere to 10 minutes each time, 3 ~ 4 times a week, the shoulder ache will be improved. If you don't like to push oil, lotion can be used to replace. Methods 1 As shown in the massage, at the shoulder blade and between the clavicle. On the above, you will feel is in the middle of the two bones. Use shown in two thumbs along the dotted line, from the direction of the neck, tandem 10 ~ 15 times towards the direction of the arm. Methods 2 First with lotion in the part of the shoulder blades, then hands overlap, after the hand palm along the outline of the shoulder blade, eight words, 8 ~ 10 times. Methods 3 Use technique 2 along the direction of the spine, massage with fingertips from top to bottom 10 times. Methods 4 Micro approach in her hands and fingertip force, below the shoulder blades, according to the direction of the arrow, respectively massage around 8 ~ 10 times. Japanese style massage as a whole body oil massage, its application from the front of the body first, starting with the feet, massage upward, and then turn the body, starting with the feet, massage in the direction of the back and shoulders. Relative to other massage, Japanese style massage the biggest characteristic is detoxification, because it is along the direction of lymphatic massage, and regular physical therapy in the Japanese style massage, Oil essential oil is indispensable, they through massage to infiltrate the body, play to their respective efficacy, benefit by massage. In the winter, people tend to dry skin, you can choose lavender essential oil for the skin filling water, and the smell of lavender light sweet not greasy, is also very suitable for men. But if skin is oily, lemon essential oil can be selected. For special ease muscle tension, eucalyptus essential oil is a good choice. Spa we choose is Australia's essential oil, belonging to organic green products, so I suggest you, if you want to buy essential oils home try, must choose the real natural essential oil, best origin have a understanding of essential oils, generally can be checked on the Internet. If you use a method on the left side of the massage in the home, then it is better after washing bath. Is a man of the state itself will relax, 2 it is to open the pores more conducive to absorb the essential oil or lotion. In the process of massage, if feel collar-bone subcutaneous diamond granular objects, illustrate the shoulder problem is more serious. Will pay more attention to usual care of shoulder.

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