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What is a real authentic Japanese Massage?

In Dubai, with the high speed development of the society, beauty salon and massage center provides more and more products to attract more customers, such as the special prosperous now - Japanese massage. Many consumers don't understand what is the difference between these massage including Thai Massage , Japanese Massage, Korean Massage an so on. Today let me thoroughly explains what is the distinguishing feature of Japanese massage for you. Japanese actually evolved from ancient massage. The characteristics of Japanese massage technique is there are many specific options in it. The Japanese massage is mainly on the body's arteries, by pressing arteries, to effectively regulate the body's blood circulation. Enjoy this kind of massage frequently, you can increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, eliminate fatigue and enhance immunity, etc.

Japanese massage features Japanese massage basically rely on the finger pressure. Finger is a supporting point, by the weight of their body, the pressing power is downward vertical. When Masseuses process massage, basically won't use wrist strength, but the finger pressing, refers to the pressure parts of the stay time in 3 ~ 5 seconds. Masseuse also won't use too strong strength, with the essential oils on the skin, gentle pain and comfort will make you a better enjoyment. Japanese massage technique is exquisite, balance of strength, strong sense of rhythm. Japanese massage focus on the finger strength on the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The technique must be so brilliant that can promote the venous circulation and brawn robust, eliminate fatigue, increase muscle flexibility. By Pressing the skin, mainly to prevent and delay the ageing of the wrinkles. Masseuse kneeling on your back are Japanese style massage way. High-tech synthetic natural environmental protection plant essence, combined with the special massage oil, comply with European style , that would protect skin. At the same time by using the principle of combination of physics and biology. To massage full body in a slow, gentle movements. So as to stimulate the skin nerve, body will get the detoxification metabolism, improve and balance effect.

Japanese massage 3 major advantages: 1 Massage technique is exquisite, the massage rhythm is strong. 2 Play a significant role for muscle tissue due to excessive movement, necrosis, structure disorder and other pathological changes may. 3 Can promote contraction of the muscle fibers and stretching, enhance the flexibility of the muscle, and can promote human body fluid circulation, improve. Japanese Massage is special suit for ladies whose skin began to sag, growing wrinkles, loss of appetite. Also for the people who is working in intensity physical strength.

Massage therapy would be 30 minutes.

Among our girls, Nanako comes from Japan. She can make an amazing native Japanese massage. So you can enjoy such a good experience in your room instead of flying to Tokyo.

Japanese Massage in Dubai

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