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New Korean Style Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, more and more people pay more attention on their healthy and face beauty. You may get many kinds of methods to improve them. But now I want to introduce a new way to you, a real nice Korean massage in Dubai.

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Dubai Massage Service

Up in the morning puffiness is flabby, look fat many, all below small make up recommend super effective South Korea type for you little face massage method, it takes only a minute a day, can stimulate facial bones and muscles at the same time, promote the flesh and the operation of the lymph, to achieve the effect of thin face. Moving quickly, a piece of charming is spruce face is yours! Korean massage method of main essence lies in the eyes, the so-called "character" is through the bones of his hands on the face is the surrounding bone. When you press the bones, at the same time, the pressure in the middle of the skin and bones of blood vessels and lymphatic, massage, blood vessels, can promote the face blood running, look good, and lymphatic massage, can effectively eliminate puffiness, firming facial muscles, also you a charming little face. The morning wash your face with warm water, then daub emulsion or water on the face, massage with thin face with both hands, by applying pressure to face bone pressure, make the skin and face bone between blood vessels and lymphatic fast dredging, stimulate blood circulation, make facial edema, fat is according to go. Now, let small make up to you to introduce Korean character facial massage technique to lose weight! Fingers together, his right hand clenched, thumb out, between the first and the second joint part (close to the second joint) placed in the middle of the chest, down to the bottom of the inside of the clavicle, outward along the clavicle, first application of a force pushing down brush, then move up to the subclavian, push down again, in this way around each massage 3 back and forth. Out his right hand clenched, his index and middle fingers open, into the "scissors" gesture, and then bending fingers, joints with bending fingers with the left medial clavicle, then the back and along the clavicle to pinches out three times, break down the old waste here, the lymph flow. Open the hands, fingers together unbend, tries to below the belly on the ear, slowly and gently wipe down the neck, gently around each three times. Here the distribution of the lymphatic and venous blood vessels, massage, and let the blood and lymph flow can dredge pipes, discharge toxins and excess water go. His right hand clenched fists, thumb up, and then put on the left side of the right hand, thumb on the inside of the eye socket, as shown in figure, 7 are stimulated to press down the orbital upper, then gently back to orbital medial, repeat 3 back and forth. Pay attention to the hand position, don't make the thumb vertical eye socket, use fingertips to press. His hand clenched, his index finger, stomach on both side of nose, applying pressure 1 second. Then follow up on both sides of the nose, with your index finger to push on the thumb side of the brush, not to the side of the index finger massage oh, reach the inner canthus, applying pressure with stomach again press 1 second, massage around all 3 times.

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