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New Introduce of a Korean Massage in Dubai

The Korean massage has evolved from a Korean family massage and is also known as the Korean pine bone. In addition to the prominent feature of massage, the oil and hot compress is also the classic movement in the Korean massage technique.

The masseuse's usual step is to follow the shoulder blades, the spine, the bone seam of the hip bone to massage the first step of the massage, namely the loose bone. Relax limbs with medical stone or hot water bag again after heat skin, placed in the spine of the shoulder joint and vulnerability cold place, about ten minutes,

For the pores open, masseuse will combine massage oil palm rub heat, to push oil back and limbs. Wash face, shampoo, ears are all the steps of Korean massage, see its meticulous. After a complete set of massage, you will feel full of energy, and your body will be fully comfortable with a comfortable Korean massage

Originated from Korea, it attracts Chinese style, Thai style, Japanese style and Hong Kong massage essence. The body is subjected to a gentle, gentle language movement massage; And unique kneeling, face care, buckle ear, manicure a full set of two hours of service for guests to relax.

Promote blood circulation, strengthen the lymph activity, supply skin nutrition, eliminate harmful substances, enhance cell metabolism, help breathing drainage, heating effect on fiber tissue, enhance the cell permeability, help solvent transparent skin, through the massage can relieve red blood silk, make the skin more healthy

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and the natural stone a green stone with curative effect, heat applied to the waist, abdomen, shoulder and knee. It is a new kind of health service that combines traditional medicine with modern methods.

In Dubai Massage Girls, Nancy can make the best Korean Massage.

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