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Lifting and Firming Your Face by a Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, the strong sunshine will destroy your face skin. a lot of people will feel the body is very tired. If you have a massage at this time, it must be very suitable, let your face feel free from sun. Modern society, life pace is very fast, especially some young people.

Among Our Best Massage Girls in Dubai, Amy ( From Thai) can make the best Face and Body Massage for you.

Amy - Dubai Best Full Body Massage

1, apply a layer of light oil level Facial oil can help your fingers easily slide over your face, to prevent dry eyes hurt. It can also regulate the skin, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Can use the corresponding oil.

For dry skin: Coconut oil or tar. For medium skin: almond and jojoba oil. For oily skin: jojoba oil, or your favorite moisturizer.

2, massage near your mouth Special main sagging skin parts. Use your finger strength, in your mouth on both sides of the skin do circular motion. To keep up a massage, not drag down. About a minute

3, massage your face area On your cheek apples muscle massage in circular way movement, let apple full rise. With a gentle. Away with you to push the way!

4, massage your eyes area Put your finger on the arch eyebrows, the lateral and then massage your eyes. Move them to your below the eye, gently with your fingers on the inside of the eyes. Along both sides of the nose to continue along the brow line. Repeat for a minute. Massage your eye area helps lift the sagging skin, and crow's feet. If necessary, please use the additional oil, in order to prevent the fingers will be tiny skin drag around the eyes.

5, and massage your forehead If you have more severe wrinkles on the forehead, you should need to this method, first with your fingers on your forehead, left and right with a friction on the way. Lasts about a minute or so. 6, massage your frown lines There are wrinkles among your brow, you can try this every day. The hands among balance on your forehead. Extrapolation approach massage then ever before. If too dry you can use some massage oil! 7, repeated movements Each part of the gently massage your face, massage after. You must adhere to do a set of such action every day!

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