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Japanese Shiatsu Massage - Your Deep Relaxation Way

In Dubai, girl are pay more and more attention to their beauty, they choose the best cosmetics, beauty equipment, and beauty saloon. Looking at the mirror, we can see that our age is beginning to appear in our eyes, making us look tired and sad. Eyebrows, upper eyelids and sagging outside the corners of the eyes, small wrinkles began to appear on the face.

The face color may even become darker due to swelling of the face. A special massage called Shiatsu massage can help restore and restore the area around the eye to its original state. Shiatsu massage is different from other types of massage because its only action is to press certain points on the face.

Coco is from Japan, she has such two beautiful face, she is good at full body massage.

Dubai Massage Full Service

It is mainly created by Japanese women, and perhaps this is the secret of their beauty and youth.

We are increasingly interested in this type of massage in Dubai, which is becoming more and more popular around the world, although it is only officially recognized by Japanese medicine. The daily Shiatsu massage takes only 1 minute. It should be done in the morning, at night and whenever you feel your eyes are tired.

What is Shiatsu Massage in Dubai?

The name massage comes from Japan's two words "finger" and "pressure", which was created in the early 20th century by Langjiro. Dubai Massage is based on anatomical knowledge and the secrets of Tibetan medicine and the creators use it to treat arthritis. This simple and effective method has been loved and accepted by Japanese people and has been officially recognized by medical institutions in the country.

It is still actively used in Japan, including in the beauty field. Interestingly, the author of this method has lived to 95 years old and seems to be much younger than his real age for the rest of his life. He once said that this massage is also based on our instinct to rub and warm the injured spots.

So how does it work? There are some spots on the face and body that help the blood and lymph to circulate better when pressed. It also accelerates metabolism in the tissue and makes it more effective.

Because of this, the natural process of physical recovery begins. If we talk about the area around the eyes, this massage will help: strengthen the muscles; smooth wrinkles; Increase skin elasticity by stimulating the accelerated production of collagen and elastin

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