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Is Dubai massage effective for weight loss?

As everyone knows that, nutritionists and sociologists call for weight loss to be moderate and not excessive, so as not to affect health and cause harm. In Dubai, it is best to lose weight through natural methods such as diet and exercise. If you need to use other weight loss methods, you must choose carefully.

It is best to choose topical health that has little harm to the body, so as to lose weight and lose health. I believe that, Massage in Dubai is one of the best way to do that, So, is massage effective for weight loss? Can body massage thin the waist? Dubai Massage is one of the ways to lose weight, so do you know if the effect of massage is really as good as the legend? Let ’s take a look.

Amy is from Thai, she is our best masseuse, specially good at full body massage in Dubai. Every time you want have a relax, let Amy give you a massage full service. I believe that your body will feel reborn again.

Body to body massage in Dubai
Amy, Dubai best massage girl

1. Friction to lose weight

First you need to relax your whole body and press your right palm on your belly. Then use the navel as the center and massage in a clockwise direction to keep your breathing steady and even in strength. The body to body massage is counted once every 50 minutes, and it needs to be done once a day. Every 12 times is a course of treatment, and you can rest for 3 to 5 days between each course.

Note: The massage should be synchronized with the breathing, that is, the upper right half of the hand should be massaged when inhaling, and the lower left half of the hand should be massaged when exhaling.

2. Mysterious Japanese Massage to Thin Waist

Put your hands on the waist side, and push the fat behind the waist side forward with your thumbs. It feels like you are squeezing the fat into the pelvis. Rubbing the abdomen with both hands longitudinally will help eliminate the fat. Note that you must knead from the outside of the abdomen to the center. Take a deep breath through your nose, then exhale slowly. At the same time, draw a circle clockwise on the abdomen with your palms. You can also massage with a brush or massage board.

5 massage tips for easy thin waist

Stimulate gastrointestinal digestion

The palms of the two hands are alternately pressed gently from under the chest to the roots of the thighs without excessive force. This action can speed up the operation of the digestive system, effectively metabolize toxins and wastes in the body, and clear the lymph.

Opening up the lymph to promote blood circulation

Knead with your thumb for 10 seconds on the back of your waist, then use your thumb to scrape along the sides of the breast to the bikini line, further speed up the lymph circulation, and make the blood flow of the organs in the abdomen unobstructed.

Knead fat vigorously

Make a fist with both hands and rub the belly fat with the knuckles in the direction shown in the figure for 2-3 minutes. The effect of softening the fat has been achieved. The intensity is just pain, too much force will hurt the internal organs.

Accelerate fat breakdown

Make a fist with both hands, and use the knuckles to scrape from the lower part of the chest to the base of the thighs to accelerate the decomposition of the fat that has just been rubbed.

Speed ​​up fat burning

Put your hands on top of each other, and draw a large circle on your stomach to massage, so that the broken down fat will be eliminated from the body with the lymph metabolism.

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