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Increase the effectiveness of skin care products by Dubai Massage

How can skin care products bought at a very expensive price play its best role? The correct facial or body massage technique can not only help skin care products absorb well, but also has the unexpected effect of skin-lifting! The effect of skin care products itself is important, but the massage technique of skin care can make its effect more obvious! We will introduce you some Dubai Body to body massage techniques from cleansing to skin care. It only takes 3 minutes to take care of your skin every day to make your facial lines firm and shiny!

Jolin is from Thai, she owns the most beautiful chest and she is good at the body to body massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Full Service
Jolin, most sexy girl of Dubai Massage

When you look in the mirror carefully, you will find that maybe your skin is still delicate, but the tear grooves, nasolabial lines and other sagging lines are the leakers of your age. If you want to double the skin care effect, massage is the most direct and easiest way to get started. As long as you move your fingers, you can achieve obvious skin beautification effects.

Generally speaking, massage products have enough oil content. Essences or gels that absorb too fast are not suitable for massage, but some anti-aging serums are moisturizing and are suitable for massage. By the way, lift the face and let His face became thinner. We also remind everyone that you need to have a little strength when you get the Dubai massage at Home, and your palm should fit your face completely. If you only pull it to the top layer of the skin, it will tend to relax.

Procedure of using Lotion/Cream or Massage Oil

1. Make a fist, use the second finger to roll, strengthen the outer circle of the lips, the outer circle of the chin, and the laughing muscle as the center semicircle, and press the chin and forehead.

2. Drag the palm of your hand to the contour of one side of the chin, alternately push the muscles of the chin up 5 times with both hands, switch sides and do 5 more times, then hold the chin with the palms of both hands and push up for 5 seconds.

3. Then put the middle finger and ring finger together in the middle of the chin, especially in the middle of the chin, slide up around the mouth 5 times.

4. Press the meat at the base of the palms of both hands on the cheekbones for 5 seconds each.

5. Use the palms of both hands to press 5 times from the center of the cheek to the outside.

6. Put your fingers together against your forehead, and alternately push up with your hands 5 times.

7. Press 5 times from the center of the forehead outward.

8. Slide the left neck with the right hand, and do it alternately with both hands 5 times to tighten the loose neck.

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