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Improve Your Second Heart - Leg and Feet by a Massage

Too inadequate diet or exercise leg edema caused by people, in fact alone with the palm for calf warming and massage, can reach the effect of rapid thin leg muscles! Listen to a little magic, now to introduce you to the thin leg massage method, to improve your second heart together!

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When we are surrounded by hand calf, can let the body warm up, make the blood circulation of whole body. Due to the earth's gravity, we have 70% of the blood in the human body is concentrated in the lower body, when the calf is constantly low blood pressure, and gravity reverse to make blood back to the heart, so the calf also referred to as the second heart of people. This means that we in thin legs at the same time, is not only the pursuit of slender, more primary let around the calf blood smooth, accelerate metabolism, swelling to naturally subside, it also has a close relation to our health! So, how can we distinguish whether the calf health? First of all, we are surrounded by hand calf, to feel the state of the calf, with the palm to check! Healthy calf will slowly warm up after surrounded by hand, and full of elasticity, gently pinch the muscles feel soft, skin has tension, stomach press less pain with his fingers, loosen the fingers can recover soon. And not a healthy calf, temperature will be more cold than hand right away, with his hands will be hot for a while, no elastic, the opposite is a little hard, and sometimes swollen, press with finger will cause a little pain, loosen after there will be a press. Calf is not healthy, have oedema circumstance also don't be afraid, follow the instructions below to do calf massage, as long as promoting blood circulation, improve metabolism and body temperature rise every 1 degree, the strength of the burning fat will also increase, the daily amount of basal metabolism rises 12-13%, easy to fat mass also can improve slowly come oh!

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