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Important Knowledge of Three Kinds of Massage

In Dubai, massage has a long history. I believe many people will occasionally give their facial skin or eye skin a massage. In the form of massage to improve skin texture and state. Today, and everyone together to learn some basic knowledge about the massage.

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Japanese massage

Refers to pressure as the main characteristics, refers to press with your fingers (finger point to an abdomen to) or the palm of your hand pressure, adjust the balance of blood of human body. "Massage" this noun is by the Japanese "finger" and "pressure" two words derivatives. Japan's traditional refers to the pressure comes from the ancient acupuncture, it is more application of the traditional Japanese medicine acupuncture points, more close to the traditional medicine meridian theory, such as acupressure points is similar to the point. Japanese massage is very exquisite ACTS on the leather, the strength of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, the technique is exquisite, the rhythm is strong, do not pay attention to the technique of swing type, but pay attention to the application of pressure and friction technique, especially on the class technique, technique must be brilliant can promote the venous circulation and brawn robust, eliminate fatigue, increase muscle flexibility. Massage wants even slowly increase strength in the process, not competitive strength quickly and press strength should be between make people feel pleasure and pain. French massage French massage to push and press, touch, tie-in use a variety of aromatic oil, line up the muscle fiber to the direction, lymphatic go line direction, blood vessels, go massage line direction, push, press, kneading, take, rub, rub, and wipe, systemic massage, make whole body every part to ease. French massage effect, not only can relax the spirit and the body, can strengthen the system function, promote the blood circulation, it is the most prominent effect can moisturize skin and eliminate toxins. Lymphatic drainage massage Lymphatic drainage massage The role of lymphatic drainage massage is to use finger to promote lymph circulation, accelerate lymph metabolism, help waste discharge. Lymphatic drainage massage technique is with lymph flow direction, navigated the lymph to lymph nodes near the neighborhood, let go of the hand, not the back, will be made in a single direction. Enforcement action frequency of slower and consistent, not too fast; Operation not too hard, because lymphatic vessels near the body surface, and the circulation of the blood, it is depend on the body affects the pressure, the drainage technique is a kind of light helps a sense of flow way. Knead, pat, pressure is not orthodox drainage way. Main point: the massage Point massage 1, down the muscle, lift up (against the earth's gravity) 2, finger motion at right angles to the wrinkles 3, with the power of the stomach pressure, rather than to the fingertips. Ache place, you push hard on the channels and collaterals, pain. Must be hard, so power in a "comfortable" in pain intensity. 4, after each step, will produce some scattered fat and waste, so to do a "make its flow to the lymphatic" action. Massage time

after skin cleaning in the morning and evening. Do one or two times a day. Before making up massage can obtain the best result, the elasticity of skin, brightness, transparency is better than massage after makeup, double effect. Massage cream quantity is more, if too easy cause the skin drag, make the skin to become red. Massage technique can be applied in facial mask, eye cream, emulsion, and even the essence of applying process, can effectively promote the absorption of these skin care products.

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