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How to massage the back for the elderly

In Dubai, with the improvement of people's living standards and the advancement of technology, people's ages are getting bigger and bigger, people are getting older and society is getting older. Therefore, we need to care more about the elderly. In the massage, the elderly have their unique physical characteristics, we have to pay more attention.

Jolin is from Thai, she is good at the body to body massage and the back massage in Dubai.

Dubai Full Body massage

How to massage the back for the elderly? Back massage is a relaxing and relaxing way to maintain health and disease. So how do you massage the back for the elderly? Let's learn the techniques of massage back together with me.

Massage the back for the elderly

1, Japanese medicine believes that massage back can keep moving the blood in . Because there are 53 acupuncture points on both sides of the back spine, these core areas are the way to contact the organs, and massage can stimulate the function of regulating the organs.

Old people often have back pain and muscle tension. At this time, if you receive a gentle massage, it will not only help muscle relaxation, eliminate fatigue, but also prevent chronic diseases and lumbar muscle strain.

2, Dubai massage back can also stimulate the back skin and subcutaneous tissue, and then through the nervous system and meridian conduction, promote local and even systemic blood circulation, enhance the function of endocrine and nervous system, massage at night before going to sleep can help people calm down, remind People fall asleep and are one of the best ways to heal insomnia.

3, Massage backs usually have two methods of shooting and hitting, you can beat yourself, standing and sitting can be, can be beaten by others, the recipient can stand and can be lying on the sides of the spine. The former uses the virtual palm to beat, the latter uses the virtual fist to slam, the method should be light and not heavy, and strive to coordinate the movement, uniform rhythm, and focus on flexibility.

So tapping from top to bottom or from bottom to top, the speed of the back is 60 to 80 per minute, which is not painful. 1 or 2 times a day, each time the back time is limited to 20 minutes.

In Dubai, we need to pay more attention to our body by massage. It is the best way to relax our body.

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