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Get a Real Leg Massage in Dubai for Slimming

In Dubai, the summer season is the best time to show big long legs, a lot of girls all want to slim their legs by a body massage in Dubai. Then you have to know the right slimming leg massage technique, otherwise may insist for a long time have without effect!

Among our Massage Girls in Dubai, Coco has the most beautiful and sexy legs.

Coco Dubai best Massage

At Dubai home, spend ten minutes in one day, and according to the small make up six slimming leg massage techniques to do a full body massage in Dubai, not only can eliminate the leg edema, also can get rid of leg proud flesh, easy to get rid of the elephant leg.

1. Operators of proper amount to massage cream or lubrication emulsion daub on the calf, with both hands hold on the calf muscle, from the middle to the upper and lower sides extrusion massage, then a finger in the subcutaneous fat more places and vigorously press friction around the knee. Each leg sustainable massage for 5 minutes.

2. From the ankle to the knee like twist cloth in the calf leg abdomen muscles, sustainable massage for 3 minutes on each leg.

3. Holding leg with both hands, with their thumb hold down leg in front of the lower leg, from down to up massage, massage can be repeated 3 times. Such as Dubai massage calf hypodermic and adipose thicker place to step up efforts. Each leg sustainable massage for 3 minutes.

4. Put your thumb in knee above, two hands hold thigh muscle, press the muscles around the knee. Each leg sustainable massage for 3 minutes. 5. Will become hollow state five fingers together first, and then from above the ankle up with both hands rhythmically and from down to up to pat. Wait until after the left leg, can use the same method to pat his right leg.

Then the lymph on down the legs to massage and flap, doing so will help keep the leg above the circulation of the blood and lymph nodes is more clear. At the same time, after appropriate massage, can eliminate the upper leg, edema and heavy phenomenon, the more slender legs.

6. A massage to sit on the ground, lift one leg form a right Angle, with the method of the fist to beat their legs, and on each side for five minutes.

When the holiday, can go on the market to buy some bath salts, and into the bathtub, soaked the calf in a period of time, it can make muscles become more relaxed. Wait until after the soaking same to above the calf have flap, the blood circulation to speed up the legs, make the leg fat when burning as soon as possible.

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