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Essential Oil Massage in Dubai is best Tailored for Health

Internationally, aromatic oil treatment is between preventive medicine and rehabilitation medicine. Like acupuncture and hypnosis, it is called “alternative therapy”.

Aromatherapists must also pass the qualification examination to perform this service.

Although the essential oil beauty massage belongs to the category of life and beauty in Dubai, its risk factor is much higher than that of ordinary cosmetics, and there are many taboos. Therefore, experts remind that it is best to perform the essential oil massage by a professionally trained masseuse.

As we introduced to you, Nancy is so professional at essential oil massage, and also Body to body Massage in Dubai!

Dubai Hotel Massage

Massage with essential oil does have certain effects on the body, but be careful not to overuse, if the abuse of essential oils may have adverse effects on health, it may lead to skin allergies, and even cause liver damage.

Because each person's physique is different, an experienced aromatherapist will safely blend and match several essential oils according to their composition and utility. Designed for you, “tailor-made” a full aromatherapy process, and according to each Personal gender, fat and thin, age, height, physical signs, etc. strictly control the amount of essential oils.

So as to avoid damage to the skin and body caused by essential oils during use.In addition, if the essential oil is applied directly to the body, it is easy to burn the skin and make the skin black. It can promote the smooth delivery of the baby. It can promote the delivery of the baby by strengthening the contraction of the uterus, and also has the effect of relieving pain. It also has a relief effect on postpartum depression, and can also promote the secretion of milk.

In general, blood pressure is too high, too low, elderly, children, people with epilepsy history, cancer patients, high blood pressure patients, vaccination for less than 3 days, menstruating women and pregnant women within 3 months of pregnancy, etc., is not suitable for essential oils Beauty massage in Dubai.

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