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Enjoy a head massage in Dubai Autumn

As we drifted away in September, Dubai ushered in the fall. The autumn weather in Dubai is cool and dry, and everyone can increase outdoor fitness. As a coincidence, Dubai has a fitness event in October, and interested people can pay attention to it. Due to the arrival of autumn, everyone should also properly maintain the body, especially women's skin and hair. At the time of the break, you can do a proper spa or head massage, which will help your skin and hair.

In autumn, the hair is dull, the head feels heavy, etc. At this point, a full head massage can be performed. By the massage, it can improve blood circulation, and all kinds of troubles on the head can be solved.

But how to do a good head massage by ourselves? First of all, choose the essential oil for your own purposes. In order to make the head massage better, the massage oil prepared from plant essential oils will be more effective. Simply add 2-3 drops of essential oil to the massage oil, which is very simple. Can be used in your massage. As described on the right, essential oils can solve all kinds of troubles on the head. Smell your favorite fragrance and relax yourself.

Nanako is good at head massage, special the Japanese Style. She can help you to relax your head by a real pro head massage.

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In addition, the massage oil is rich in vitamins that can repair dry and damaged hair. Habitual head massage can solve all kinds of troubles on the head. People who have dandruff and dry hair must try it!

Recommend different essential oils depending on the symptoms

The head massage is best done before shampooing. First, in order to make the mixed massage oil penetrate into the hair and scalp, then, when washing the shower, cover the hair for 20 minutes or more, so that the essential oil component is thoroughly absorb. Then rinse again.

Dandruff problem: It is recommended that you control the dryness of the scalp, using the refreshing tea tree oil and eucalyptus essential oil. Because the sterilization effect is also high, it can also eliminate sweat odor.

Greasy hair: You can use sage oil, lemon, chamomile, etc. to control excess sebum in the scalp.

Dry hair easy to damage: Uses Elan tree oil, sandalwood oil, etc. to moisturize and delay the whitening of hair.

Simple order of head massage

1, seriously massage the entire head: To relax, use the palm of both hands to massage the entire scalp carefully. For a full massage, slowly move your fingers. Massage from the hairline to the back and back about 5 times.

2, smooth the direction of the eye extension line to the top of the head massage: Massage around the forehead. The two hands meet, slightly open, and the extension of the eye, from the hairline to the back of the head, with the thumb. Move your fingers slowly and massage from front to back.

3, the finger is inserted into the hair, draw a round massage: Next, in order to improve the blood circulation of the scalp, we should soften the scalp, insert the finger into the hair, and draw a round massage. Each part is 3-5 seconds, a little finger, slowly moving, massaging the entire scalp.

4, grab the scalp: To stimulate the scalp, grab the scalp with your fingers and then suddenly let go, then move the position a little bit to stimulate the entire head.

The force should be moderate - it feels a little painful, but very comfortable.

5, the finger slightly bends, tapping the head: In order to improve the blood circulation of the scalp and eliminate soreness, the fingers can be slightly bent and gently tapped on the head. This can also stimulate the entire scalp. When your shoulders and neck are sore, you not only have to hit your head, but also tap the shoulders and neck, the effect will be better.

6, gently pull the hair: Finally, gently pull your hair. Insert your fingers into your hair and gently pull your hair up. Change the position a little and stimulate the entire head. At this point, the entire process of head massage ends.

If you want to know more about it, or get more tips or notes, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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