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Dubai Massage Improves Stiff Neck

Stiff neck, I believe that many people have experienced similar illnesses. This disease has no symptoms before falling asleep. After waking up, symptoms such as inability to move the head and neck, upper back pain and discomfort will suddenly appear. Stiff neck is generally caused by improper head and neck posture, uncomfortable pillow height, improper hardness or unevenness, neck trauma, and feeling cold while sleeping. So if you have a stiff neck, how should you massage it? Prefer a full body massage in Dubai or a simple neck and shoulders massage?

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First of all, I need to remind everyone that for some stiff necks, if they are caused by cervical spondylosis or lumbar spinal stenosis, we must pay great attention to this kind of stiff neck, and massage cannot be easily performed, because sometimes due to spinal stenosis or cerebral insufficiency, if some massage methods are taken rashly, it may aggravate the cerebral insufficiency or muscle spasm, which will aggravate the original disease and cause some adverse reactions in patients.

1. When enjoying the massage in Dubai at home, you should try to follow the walking position of the stiff neck muscles, and use your thumbs from top to bottom sequentially. This massage can promote inflammation and metabolites such as lactic acid to be metabolized and absorbed by body tissues as soon as possible. In addition, this massage technique can also strengthen arterial blood supply and promote disease recovery.

2. After getting a stiff neck, it is recommended to massage and stimulate the depression between the first metacarpal bone and the second metacarpal bone on the back of the human body. If you feel soreness, numbness, swelling and pain when pressing with your hands, it is recommended to move the head and neck properly during massage, which can effectively relieve pain symptoms.

3. When you have stiff neck and the pain is more obvious, it is recommended to choose the appropriate massage area, find the pain point and press with appropriate strength. In layman's terms, "press wherever the pain is strong".

4. When you get a stiff neck massage, the massage technique is also very important. When pressing, you must use moderate force. If the body part feels sore, numb, heavy, and swollen, the effect will be better. Massage can really promote health and comfort!

Massage after stiff neck is very important. I would like to remind everyone that during massage, remember not to simply rub on the skin. The intensity of the massage should be increased as much as possible. The hands should drive the skin to move together, knead the underlying muscles and make the skin slightly warm, so as to effectively relax the muscles, increase local blood circulation in neck, and finally achieve the purpose of treatment.


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