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Dubai Massage at Home Helps Relieve Muscle Soreness after Exercise

Muscle soreness after exercising is a common phenomenon, especially for people who do not exercise often, suddenly perform high-intensity exercise, or do not master the correct exercise method, it is easy to have muscle soreness symptoms. And muscle soreness is very common in life, many running, playing and other sports will cause muscle soreness. So what about muscle soreness? How can we relieve that? Massage in Dubai at home is such a good relief.

Amy is from Thai, she is our best masseuse, specially good at full body massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai Home
Dubai Massage Full Service - Amy

Causes of sore muscles after exercising

Due to high-intensity exercise, muscle fibers are pulled, resulting in muscle soreness symptoms. It may also be that the human body is in a state of hypoxia. The human body produces a large amount of lactic acid through anaerobic glycolysis. The accumulation of lactic acid in the body is prone to muscle soreness symptoms.

Two types of muscle soreness after exercise

Lactic acid is a factor that causes acute muscle soreness. When a person performs strenuous exercise, the decomposition of muscle glycogen is accelerated, the oxygen consumption increases, and the muscle is temporarily in a state of relative hypoxia. At this time, muscle glycogen can be converted through pyruvate. Because lactic acid accumulates in the muscles, the lactic acid produced will stimulate the muscle nerves and cause soreness.

There is also a delayed-onset muscle soreness, which is caused by muscle fiber damage. Generally, the soreness peaks 24 hours to 72 hours after exercise. This is because the inflammatory response that sensitizes pain receptors takes time to develop.

A full body massage in Dubai for sore muscles can also help reduce muscle tension and increase blood circulation, which can speed recovery. Just like massage, a hot bath can relax muscles and speed up circulation. The smoother the blood flow, the more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the cells and tissues, thereby repairing damaged muscles faster.

20 minutes after a workout, massaging the part of your body you've been working out on can also help relieve soreness. I need to remind you that you must not relax completely after exercising, because we need a lot of oxygen after intense exercise. If we do not supply oxygen to the body in time, there will be adverse phenomena such as lowering of blood pressure. So even a simple massage can have a good therapeutic effect on muscle soreness. Not only the muscle soreness, massage can also help you relieve dizziness.

In short, high-intensity strenuous exercise should be avoided after exercising. Cold and hot compresses, massage, massage, and physical therapy can be used to relieve the symptoms of muscle soreness, promote muscle contraction, promote lactic acid metabolism, and promote blood circulation. At the same time, pay attention to replenishing energy. The process of muscle soreness is also the process of muscle self-repair, which requires a lot of water, protein, and inorganic salts such as vitamins and minerals.

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