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Benefits and Tips of Foot Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, foot massage is too popular with all around the city. The reason of the popularity of Dubai massage is due to its function. Foot is the part which is farthest from the heart. In winter, due to the stimulation of cold the foot vasoconstriction, blood disorders, the human body is easy to induce a variety of diseases. Pedicure belong to one foot therapy of traditional Asian medicine content, is also a kind of commonly used treatment. With a hot water bubble foot, fatigue, and it would be so conducive to sleep. What are the advantages of foot massage and foot massage? Something here for you!

First of all, a foot massage in Dubai can promote blood circulation and metabolism. Winter temperature is low, the foot massage can improve the foot blood circulation, and promote the foot and the whole body blood circulation. Along with the increase of the blood at the same time also can improve heart function, decrease cardiac load pedicure machine, adjust the endocrine gland secretion of hormone, promote metabolism.

2, foot massage can improve the body resistance and immunity. Winter pedicures enhance human metabolism, improve the resistance to external pathogenic microorganisms.

3, pedicures can hairdressing protect brain, improve sleep. Often pedicures can adjust meridian, increased blood flow to the head, timely and sufficient oxygen and nutrients they need to supplement the brain. Often sleep on the foot reflection zone, but also to the cerebral cortex inhibition, make the person feels comfortable, brain can not only accelerate the sleep, still can make deeper sleep.

4, pedicures can eliminate fatigue stress. Winter is easy to make the person feels stuck fatigue, especially office worker, working pressure is very big, right foot massage, can relax and ease the mental stress of the body.

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Who is not suitable for foot massage

1, the diagnosis of acute spinal injury is not suitable, especially with the spinal cord damage. Massage can aggravating illness development, and even lead to paralysis.

2, acute soft tissue injury patients with local swelling and serious. In the acute stage massage can aggravate bleeding and fluid buildup, local cold for several days, after being swelling subsided to massage.

3, suspicious, or has a definitive diagnosis patients with joint or soft tissue tumor. Massage can cause tumor rupture, diffusion.

4, joint tuberculosis, and patients with senile osteoporosis. Massage can easily lead to fracture or spread of the infection.

5, patients with more serious heart, brain, lung disease, especially in severe hypertension. Some massage treatment easy cause severe pain, a dramatic increase in blood pressure lead to strokes.

6, has a tendency to hemorrhage blood disease patients, especially thrombocytopenia. Massage can cause massive hemorrhage, should be absolutely prohibited.

7, local patients with damaged skin or skin disease. Massage is easy to cause injury aggravated or infection.

8, menses and pregnancy women. Not in the waist and lower abdomen to massage, lest stimulated after bleeding or abortion.

9, fracture patients, open fractures or closed fracture.

10, have mental illness, can't cooperate with treatment.

Doctors emphasize, spinal disease patients do massage especially guarded. In nerve root inflammation and edema of lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion of cervical spondylosis of nerve root type of massage therapy in patients with nerve edema may increase.

Patients with vertebral artery type of cervical spine on the premise of no detailed cervical examination data, don't use rotation reduction method and cervical spine inclined pull method of cervical vertebra, lest cause acute carotid artery blood flow blocking and surprises. Spondylotic myelopathy once appear the phenomenon of onset of weakness, incontinence, absolutely not to make any neck massage, should immediately to the hospital.

In addition, should not be in full with a massage, is best done in 30 minutes after a meal.

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