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Back massage is the best way to relax your body

In Dubai, the uncomfortable back is a common problem for many women. Because of the high temperature and humidity in Dubai, or the work causes the mood is not good, love angry, sulking and so on.

These causes can cause pain in the back of the neck and shoulders. Light people are sore, and heavy ones affect rest and work. At this time, a full body massage or back massage will be your best choice.

Yuki is from Japan, she is good at full body massage and back massage.

Dubai Body Massage

Benefits of back massage:

1, back massage can ease the pressure of back pain after a whole day work. Promote systemic blood circulation, massage can feel muscle relaxation, joint flexibility, so that people are refreshed, eliminate fatigue, and play an important role in ensuring good health.

2, long-term adherence to the back massage, you can also lose weight, play the role of body health and longevity, of course, there is a saying, long-term massage can treat high blood pressure, etc., but self-feeling still has a great effect on weight loss.

3, grasp the effective back massage techniques, can effectively massage the back, relieve stress, and now the back massage techniques have appeared in various forms of back surgery methods, such as chiropractic, chiropractic, stepping on the back, pushing the oil back, back.

Original point massage, etc., as well as various types of back health care methods such as warm back massage therapy, back scraping, back cupping.

What are the contraindications for back massage?

1. Patients with severe bleeding, brain, lung disease or extreme fatigue who have bleeding tendency.

2. Patients with localized skin damage or skin disease.

3, bone tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, severe osteoporosis, the initial stage of fracture, the initial patient after joint dislocation.

4, women's menstrual period and more than 3 months of pregnancy.

5. Patients who are suspicious or have been diagnosed with a bone or soft tissue tumor have severe symptoms and are unclear.

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