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A Simple Way to Enjoy a Back Massage

Nowadays, in Dubai, people's living standards have improved significantly. We are no longer guilty of food and clothing, but we are more concerned about how to maintain health and plasticity. People do exercise in fitness center or some events such as the fitness challenge and enjoy the football on the court. People are paying more and more attention to how to lose weight and how to maintain health. There are many ways to lose weight and improve your health. You can use diet, physiotherapy, exercise, etc. One of the more popular people is the massage.

Do not underestimate the role of massage, massage can not only help us shape weight loss, but also make our body healthier. As long as the person who massages finds the location of the massage, it can play a corresponding role in health care and treatment. When people finish their sports, it is so important to take some care to the body, not only some rest, but also need 60 mins full body massage. You can do it in the massage parlour and you can also do it by your partner. Back massage is a common method of health and plasticity and also gets some much benefits. We have already introduce some tips of back massage. Now we will tell you the techniques of it.

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Usually, we will massage the back first. That is because the back is the place where the various meridians of the body. Massage the back can not only help us to shape the body, but also help to promote our healthy level. The following small series will introduce the technique of back massage.

1, relax your hands

Before helping others massage their back, we must first learn to relax our hands, which will make the person being massaged feel more comfortable, and will not be massaged and uncomfortable due to the stiffness of the hand muscles.

2, shaking massage method

We put the right hand on the side of the buttocks of the left side of the massaged person, and the left hand presses the back of the person being massaged, and gently massages the muscles of the body with the palm of your hand. Continue to shake, from the left hip to the shoulder position, and then from the right hip to the shoulder position, using a rocking massage technique to massage back and forth, this can help the body muscles to relax, which is conducive to the next step.

3, back press massage

To help the massaged person relax the muscles, we began to massage the back of the body in a push-on manner. First of all, we have to start from the position of the shoulder, press the shoulders with both hands, the thumb is strong, and there is a regular left-to-right or top-down massage.

4, tapping massage

After the back massage is basically completed, we can use the tapping massage technique to help the back muscles rejuvenate. Hold the hand into an empty fist and gently tap the back. You should regularly strike along the sides of the spine. You can do 3-4 round trips.

The above is the back massage technique for everyone. You can try to use this method to massage the lower back for everyone's relatives and friends. Is it possible to have unexpected effects?

If you want to know more about it just contact us for any questions you may have.

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