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A Procedure of Leg Massage and Some tips about it

In Dubai, because of the special climate, the female have to choose the office work to avoid the high temperature and strong sunshine. Office Ladies sit for a long time, less movement, resulting in poor blood circulation in the lower limbs. More prone to numbness, edema, cold hands and feet, severe varicose veins, and many diseases. 70% of the blood in the human body is concentrated in the lower body.

The blood of the lower limbs is sent back to the heart through the action of the lower leg. If the blood circulation of the lower limbs slows down, the nutrient transmission and oxygen supply in the blood become less, affecting the metabolic rate of each organ. Some of the office ladies may try some office exercise to keep the legs working but I think a leg massage which owns so many benefits is the best way to take care of the legs.

Coco's major is foot and leg massage, you can try her service to relax yourself.

Body to body massage in Dubai

A massage method that makes the legs more slim and feminine

If a large amount of fat accumulates 15cm above the knee, the fat accumulated above the knee will be difficult to eliminate. If your inner side of your knee is concave and shows two distinct veins, your leg will be very young and healthy. If this area begins to swell, it is necessary to exclude impurities and toxins that accumulate in the body.

1, Because of the role of gravity, the body's impurities and toxins will always accumulate too much under the body. If the edema of the leg is very serious, then you must first do a massage that can effectively detoxify.

2, Soothe the edema above the knee. Apply a wide area of ​​soft massage to the knees, then gently press the sputum with both hands. Press the sputum with both hands, as if to separate the muscles and bones. Press the muscles above the knees and then relax. Press the swollen area with both hands and spread the fat that collects 15cm above the knee. Massage your hands with changing hands until the swelling is removed.

3. Massage the back of the knee with a gentle push, if you press the skin behind the knees at random, it is easy to appear bruises. Put the four fingers together and gently push them in a semicircle. Massage the left and right legs 5 times each.

4. Gently press the rounded knee and massage the knee repeatedly with the thumb of both hands in a circular motion. Use a soft finger belly to massage repeatedly from top to bottom and bottom to top. Please be careful not to use excessive force. Massage the knees of each leg 5 times each.

5. The zigzag massage above and below the knees, with the thumb alternately massaged in the zigzag above and below the knees, and repeatedly massaged with the fingers. Massage 10 times per knee.

6. Push under the knee and make a V shape with your thumb and the remaining four fingers. Massage the calf in a V-shape repeatedly, alternating 10 times to the left and right, and massage until the ankle.

7. Massage the back of the foot until the root of the toe, press the back of the foot with the thumb, and feel as if it is through the gap between the bones, until the root of the toe. Change the position and massage 15 times.

8. Separate your toes and relax your muscles. Fully expanding the toes is also a massage method. At this time, the foot care product can be applied and then gently pressed to effectively inhibit excessive secretion of sebum.

To take care of your leg, not only massage can be work, but also some other method can also play a good role for it.

1. Exercise. Do more jogging, swimming, and other aerobic exercise, it is best to keep walking for 45 minutes every day. Squat your heels, lift your heels and tighten your legs for 5-10 seconds each time. You can use a small pillow to pad your legs before going to bed at night to promote blood flow.

2. Sunning. It can promote the formation of vitamin D while keeping warm, avoid calcium loss in the legs, and effectively prevent osteoporosis.

3. Bathing feet. Usually hot water bubble feet can be used to make the blood reach the upper body smoothly and maintain the balance of the body. Be careful not to let the legs get cold.

4. Eat bananas. Banana is rich in potassium, which can effectively alleviate the fatigue of our body, and can eliminate excess salt in the body. It is the swollen leg that becomes thinner.

If you want to know more about the leg massage, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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