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A good way of massage in Dubai to thin legs

How to get the thin calf muscles? Yes, just some massage in Dubai at home! These fast thin calf muscle massage methods are suitable for practice at home, stick to it, your calf will become slender and soft. If you want to have beautiful legs, detoxification and weight loss therapy can help you detoxify toxins in the body, improve metabolism, and restore a fresh and good balance to your body. Weight loss is easy and you are full of healthy vitality.

Nancy is from Japan. She is professional in body massage, and especially for the Body to body Massage in Dubai!

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Nancy - Best Massage Girl in Dubai

People who want to a full body Dubai massage with the stovepipe can use the tapping massage method. First put the five fingers together, and then show a hollow state. Starting from the ankle, the hands are massaged rhythmically. You need to massage from the bottom to the top. You can switch to the right after the massage is over. Performing on the left can play a good role in massaging the legs, which can make blood circulation faster, and can also make the lymph nodes in the legs smoother, and the edema problem and the feeling of heaviness in the legs can disappear.

You can also use the lifting massage method. Usually, when you have time, you can sit on the ground, raise one leg up to a right angle, and then pat the leg with your fist. Each leg can be patted for about five minutes, and you can sit in the bathtub on a rest day. Put some warm water in it, add bath salt, and soak the calf in it to relax the muscles. After soaking, tapping can make blood circulation faster.

You can also use the scraping massage method. After taking a shower every night, apply some olive oil or baby oil on the legs. Use massage equipment to massage the legs vigorously. You should start the massage from the ankles and massage 100 times on each side. The speed of blood circulation becomes faster, which can achieve a good effect of removing edema. By the same way, you can also try the foot massage at home.

You can use the lymphatic massage method. The two hands are pressed and rubbed from the ankle area to the thigh area. It needs to be repeated three times. Until you feel the leg heat, spread your five fingers, and then massage from the base of the thigh. There are many lymph nodes in these areas. Dubai Body to Body Massage can burn fat, drain water, and make metabolism faster.

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