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6 Effective Methods to Choose Essential Oil

In Dubai, you may get some experience of massage to relax your body. Thai Massage, Japanese Massage, Korean Massage, Swedish Massage, all these different kinds massage has its own feature and benefit. But among all these kinds, there is a common key point, it is the Massage essential oil. The oil is the medium between masseuse hands and your body, the quality of the massage oil will lead the effect of a whole massage. A long-term using of inferior oil not only can't improve the skin, instead may cause skin damage. Actually, the oil from Korea and Japan will get a relatively good quality, and also specially fit for the skin of Dubai people.

Dubai Body Massage Nancy

Nancy can make special Korean massage oil by herself for you.

Essential oil massage is a kind massage that the masseuse will daub the oil (mixed with base oil and extract liquor) to your body part, especially in the foot and leg massage. Our body will benefit from element of the massage oil, can reach the effect of relax and ease the pressure. Essential oil can go through into skin cells by a suitable massage, and then into the blood vessels to the whole body organization. By essential oil, can achieve relaxed mood, relieve pressure, and at the same time awaken skin cell, get the healthy and beauty together. As more and more consumer demand for oil, how to identify the quality of the essential oil become the compulsory subject before the massage. In fact, there are many core factors determine the quality of essential oil, we can learn to identify them through the following steps. Smell the essential oil

The easiest and the most effective way, smelling. Your nose can identify the quality of essential oil directly. A pure natural plant essential oil smelling has such a big difference to the spices, perfumes and fragrances. 100% pure plant essential oil will contain three kind of smelling that top-, middle- and base-notes, it is complex and lasting long. But the chemical synthesis of essential oil taste is single and short-lived.

See the color and lustre of essential oils

Because of the different ways of extraction, each kind of essential oils has its own color. The fruit essence whose the extraction method is condensation squeezing will have a colour and lustre close to the original plant. The essence using distillation extraction would be relatively clear, and usually, the more transparent indicates the higher purity.

The packaging of essential oil

1, must be saved in the darker and confined in a small jar, can prevent the sunlight and oxygen to seep in, to prevent the volatilization and metamorphism. Generally can keep 2 to 3 years. 2, Pure Essential oils should be labeled "100% Pure Essential Oil", if it was not for the Pure Essential oils, have to marked its purity clearly. 3, professional pure essential oils will indicate the plant species and its Latin names. 4, the instructions will have clear the source of raw material and plant.

Check the penetration of the essential oil

Generally, the higher purity of essential oils, its penetration should be stronger. Test a drop essential oils in hand back, with finger massage gently a few times. If the oil quality is good (high purity),it will be absorbed by the skin soon, and not have a grease composition residues on the hand skin. Or you can test it on the filter paper, generally it will not leave oil and residue, 3-5 minutes can be volatile, without imprint.

Check the proportion of essential oil

Overall, the grasses essential oil with high purity will not soluble in water and spread after floating quickly. If there are little drops of residual means essential oil is not pure. Resin essential oils gets a big molecular weight, so it will sink to the bottom of the cup, but does not dissolve in water.

Check the fusion of essential oil

Generally speaking, pure essential oil will get a better lipophilicity, so when mix with the base oil, they will fuse perfectly. If not, means essential oils contain wax or other chemicals.

Now, you should have a basic knowledge of the essential oil. After you know how to identify the quality then you may need to know how to choose the brand of the oil.

And if you get some interest of oil massage, you can also contact us to experience the different kinds of oil by yourself.

essential oil massage in Dubai

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