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4 Useful Notes of Essential oil massage in Dubai

I believe that in Dubai, most ladies who pay their attention to the beauty care have heard of or have already done the essential oil back massage. Essential oil massage is a kind of health care method integrating treatment and massage, but many women have done the essential oil massage I feel physically uncomfortable.

In fact, it is not always possible to do the essential oil back massage in Dubai, especially during some physiological periods. Under the carefully formulated pure essential oils and professional massage operations, the essential oil massage has no side effects. However, there are some situations in which we need to pay attention to the fact that women are not suitable for essential oil massage during menstruation or before and after menstruation, which will cause many other problems.

The technique of essential oil massage is very important. If you are not mastered, the essential oil massage skills will not only make you enjoy your body and mind, but also induce some physical problems.

Cici is from Malaysia, she is real good at oil massage in Dubai.

Dubai Body to Body Massage

1. For the pregnancy

During pregnancy, incense can be used throughout the whole process. It is forbidden to use essential oil bath or massage for 3 months before pregnancy, or because of the essential effects of essential oils, avoid essential estrogen-utilizing essential oils during pregnancy, such as basil and happy sage. , fennel, etc.

2. For the Lactating women

Lactating women avoid breastfeeding within 6 hours of massage and bathing, because essential oils participate in the body's blood circulation, and the essential oil is almost completely metabolized after 6 hours.

In addition to lavender, tea tree oil can be spotted with a small cotton swab, the essential oil must be diluted or blended with the base oil before it can directly act on the skin. Compound and base oils can be used directly.

3. Skin Care

When there is a wound on the skin, the essential oil should be avoided on the wound, but if it is a small knife wound or a small wound, you can use essential oils to make the skin heal quickly. Before using the skin test, first adjust the concentration of 3% essential oil, use it under the armpit or chest, and do not have allergies after at least 24 hours before using the essential oil.

4. Sunshine

Photosensitive essential oils should not be used in the sun. Some essential oils contain ingredients that cause light sensitivity. If they are exposed to the sun after use, the skin will turn black and even cause skin cancer. Photosensitivity is also divided into light and heavy points, such as grapefruit, which is used at low doses in the evening.

It does not matter if the sun shines every other day. But like citrus essential oils, lemon, bergamot, orange, sweet orange, lime, eucalyptus root, lemon verbena, medlar, etc., are all photosensitive oils.

Do not often use too high doses, in order to achieve efficacy, usually low doses, and for a period of time, so the effect of conditioning the body is best. Usually used, the concentration is still 3-5%, and the more dangerous essential oil is not more than 3%.

Therefore, if you want to do the essential oil push back, you must do it when your body is normal.

If you want to know more about it, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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