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Will you need a massage to relax muscles after exercise?

By the lack of movement for a long time in a sweat, you will feel muscle soreness. If you want a relaxing massage at this moment, we'll feel from hell to heaven. After exercise, however, it will be for muscle to relax recovery help? What points of sports massage need to be pay attention to?

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We determine the point: after exercise reasonable appropriate massage can effectively relieve muscle soreness. People will produce different degree of muscle soreness after exercise, the exercise after learning named late-onset muscle pain, muscle soreness in sports after a few hours to 24 hours to appear the phenomenon of muscle soreness, usually the duration of this muscle soreness in about one to three days. In order to be able to effectively reduce or eliminate the muscle soreness, we must abide by the following:

First of all, to be well prepared before exercise, exercise control the quantity of good movement and exercise intensity, it is important to eliminate the fatigue after exercise; Next, should pay attention to physical exercise after finishing the activity (such as tensile, please stamp), which is often neglected, are often messy end to rest after exercise or do other things.

After exercise increases the content of the part of the massage as auxiliary means to relax, not only play a comfortable channels, promote the blood circulation, enhance the flexibility of joints, ligaments and the extension, role, improve the function of the body and external force, through the massage can reduce local lactic acid accumulation, eliminate fatigue, so as to achieve the aim of relax the body, restores the physical strength.

About massage, therefore, we should pay attention to the following:

1 the timing of the massage. When little amount and intensity of activity, massage can generally be arranged at the end of the activity or after the activity, can also be arranged in after a bath or before bed. When body feel very tired, such as long-distance running, trail running, intensive training, etc.), don't massage immediately, need to have a rest after 2 ~ 3 hours massage. When the body was seriously not timely, such as dizziness, vomiting, then don't massage. A soft tissue injury, fracture and dislocation is unfavorable for massage.

2 parts of the massage. In general major is one of the largest area, massage intensity of exercise or it shall be according to the characteristics of the content and level of fatigue. Such as endurance running after the massage, the main is below the hip and the hip, thigh, calf, the muscles around the ankle and the hip, knee, ankle, etc., also should give attention to two or more things arrives at the torso and the shoulder massage. Such as massage, after upper body strength exercise mainly upper limbs, the neck and torso massage joints and muscles. That is to say, we should have targeted when massage, so as to achieve the goal of eliminate fatigue, alleviate muscle pain.

Anyhow, massage to relax muscles to go in for sports activists as soon as possible to eliminate fatigue, relieve local muscle ache a positive role in auxiliary, later a body relax, not only the body relax, even the mental pressure would be eased. Can relax your body and mind, to achieve the better effect of the movement.

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