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What is a suitable strength for the foot massage in Dubai?

In Dubai, massage is becoming a more and more popular method to relax people after work, you may choose body to body massage or the full body massage to enjoy the relaxing time, but I believe that you could the foot massage as your first choice. Foot massage has been favored by many people in Dubai, because there are many core area and points on the soles of the feet. Foot essential oil massage can promote blood circulation throughout the body and assist in the treatment of diseases. There will be a lot of misunderstandings about foot massage.

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Dubai body to body massage

3 misunderstandings of foot massage in Dubai

1, the more strength, the better

Some people think that the heavier the foot therapy is, the better. In fact, proper foot massage can prolong your life and benefit your health. The intensity of the Dubai foot massage determines its efficacy. If the intensity is too small, it will not work. If the intensity is too large, people will not bear it, so be sure to grasp the intensity of the massage.

2, pedicure is suitable for all people

Pedicure is a non-drug therapy that stimulates the acupoints of the feet, thereby adjusting the physiological functions in the body, promoting blood circulation throughout the body, and improving immune function. But not everyone is suitable for pedicure, and women cannot do pedicure during menstruation. People who have the possibility of bleeding will accelerate the bleeding in the tissue when performing foot massage. When massaging, be sure to avoid the place with less subcutaneous tissue and bone distortion, to prevent crushing the body periosteum, which will cause damage to the body and high blood pressure. Pregnant women Heart disease can not be treated with pedicure, otherwise accidents may occur and even pregnant women may have miscarriages.

3. you can do foot massage yourself

For the sake of convenience and hygiene, people with feet will do pedicure at home or use a foot bath to massage. There are many acupoints on the soles of the feet, and only a strong massage of the corresponding reflection area can achieve a certain effect. For home reflexology at home, you can buy a wooden bucket, soak your feet before going to bed, try to choose a relatively large and deep wooden bucket, soak your feet as much as possible when you soak your feet, so it is very comfortable. Sticking to the feet every day can also improve people's metabolism and blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep quality, and also have the effects of promoting blood circulation, maintaining health and beauty.

Clean method of foot massage in Dubai

When you are getting the massage, you should apply an appropriate amount of essential oil to the soles of the feet. After the massage, you must wash it to prevent the replacement of pores. Try to choose a pure vegetable lubricating oil so that the skin can absorb it quickly and get some soothing. Do not drink cold water before or after, otherwise cold air will be trapped in the body, affecting the blood circulation.

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