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To massage arm, make your arms beautiful and thin


In Dubai, hot summer clothes, can show our perfect body. So many people in order to show their perfect body and efforts in advance, in the summer. Who also don't want to go out, be that fat, especially the arm part. Short sleeves or sleeveless clothes, cannot be blocked. This is also one of the reasons for our lack of exercise. Beauty makes people more confident, let's arm massage, show your perfect.

Among Our Best Massage Girls in Dubai, Helen ( From Japan) can make the best Body to Body Massage for you.

Massage in Dubai - Helen


1 the first is to massage the arms. First elbow bent, lift the left arm to his chest position, on the arm and lower arm at right angles, left hand palm open, then lift the right hand and on his left arm, then knead gently with fingertips arm of the lateral muscles. On both sides of the arm massage half minutes each.

2 the second is through massage lymphatic. First lift the right hand, elbow bent, and then press on the right hand with his left hand arm muscles, exhale, side pressure, pressure, in the other arm, massage every 20 seconds. Control several times, not too strong.

Finally we need to massage your arms. To lift the left hand, elbow bent and stomach with the right hand gently knead axillary and underarms meat, change another one arm after massage, each arm massage for 20 seconds. So that we can promote fat burning.

Note: The cause of obesity, is but a lack of exercise, therefore, to form the good habit of exercising every day, such not only can reduce weight thin body, can also improve their immunity. In addition, eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin, eat less greasy food.

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