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Thai Ancient Massage - Ultimate Relax for Your Body

In Dubai, in addition to the mall, the most you see on the street is the massage center. People would like to choose massage as the best way to relax their body and mind. In these places, the item you can see most is of course the Thai Massage. You may believe that you have much knowledge about the Thai Massage, but I will tell you that, most time you get is a simplified version of Thai massage. When you get a Thai ancient massage, you will experience this massage more.

Amy is from Thai, she knows the Thai ancient massage so well

Dubai Full Body Massage

Thai ancient massage, in addition to the familiar joints massage, there is a set of meridians, acupressure and stretching theory. Thai ancient massage is the difference from general massage, it rarely uses essential oil, and it is usually carried out on the floor. It will use fingers, arms, knees and legs to massage the muscles and joints. Promote the balance of body, blood circulation, the respiratory system, the nervous system, the normal functioning of the digestive system and the metabolism of muscle skin. It is carried out on a regular basis to keep the spirit and body in top condition.

The Thai ancient massage combines the essence of Chinese and Indian civilization techniques, including the operation of traditional Chinese medicine meridians and acupoint theory, as well as Indian yoga stretching and limb lacing movements. Thai massage is the most extensive movement of the body in the various types of massage. The technique is integrated into the self-cultivation method of yoga, including the posture method of the body adjustment, the sucking method of adjusting the interest rate, and the meditation idea of ​​adjusting the heart. The realm of body and mind unity. Because the Thai massage has a large movement, the average guest needs loose clothes to facilitate the stretching of the limbs. Some people will worry that the massage will be too intense?

In general, our masseuses will take care of the guests according to their condition and start in a gentle way, and the action seems huge, but the footwork is gentle and rhythmic. Thai massage will fully stretch and soothe your muscles and muscles, and at the same time drive blood circulation, remove toxins from the body, stomach pain, emotional tension, headache, migraine, arthritis, numbness of the limbs, sciatica and back pain. Have a good effect, a massage to do it, often make people feel good and refreshed, the whole body feels new.

The first step of Thai ancient massage is meridian massage, then joint exercise, and finally yoga stretching, in other words, Thai massage fusion muscle massage and passive gymnastics and other connotations. The ancient Thai massage time is no less than 1.5 hours. From the foot to the head, a total of 108 steps must be completed. Occasionally, it is supplemented with herbal hot compress to achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation. After the massage, the masseur will prepare hot ginger soup for the drinker to speed up the blood flow and increase the body's heat energy, which will help to quickly remove the body's moisture and achieve refreshing effect.

If you want to know more about it, or get more tips or notes, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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