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4 major causes of muscle soreness the next day after massage in Dubai­­­­

Now, in Dubai, people live healthier and healthier. Many people regard massage health as a fashionable lifestyle. It can eliminate fatigue, relieve tension and relax the stress of work. However, people who massage regularly, there may be such a problem, why sometimes the muscles of the full body are uncomfortable and even sore after the massage in Dubai sometimes. What is the cause of this? Is this soreness not good for the body? Now, let's introduce the full body massage in Dubai. Cici is from Malaysia, she is good at the body to body massage in Dubai for you. The body of Cici is so sexy.

The reason of Sore muscles after the second day of massage in Dubai 1, normal muscle reaction The muscles are sore the next day after the massage. If it is the first massage, it is generally a normal muscle reaction. It is a normal phenomenon for a person who is first massaged to have lactic acid substances in the muscles and cause muscle soreness under local continuous stimulation. 2, the operation method is not familiar Muscle soreness appeared on the second day after the massage, and it may be because the manipulation method was too stiff. Muscles are stimulated by the wrong technique for a period of time. If the intensity of the massage is too large, it will cause slight local damage and the muscles may be sore after massage. 3, massage time is too long Muscle soreness appeared on the second day after the massage, probably because the massage time was too long and the muscles were constantly stimulated by the manipulation. In general, we recommend a massage time of 20 minutes to one hour, once a massage each morning and evening,

4, lack of exercise Muscle soreness appeared on the second day after the massage, and it may be due to the lack of exercise in the body, and the muscle's own oxidizing ability is weak. When you are getting the massage in Dubai, it is easy to cause excessive lactic acid accumulation and pain. In addition, the usual exercise is less prone to muscle strain, and massage can easily cause pain. How to do muscle pain after massage Muscle pain after massage generally does not require special treatment, and the symptoms disappear by themselves after about 1-2 days. However, if the pain is very severe, you can gently press, rub, rub, etc. in the muscle pain area, and use wet heat to help relieve discomfort.

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