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Learn Some Methods of Face Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, many women often suffer from poor facial skin conditions due to the climate. Even after using many advanced skin care products, the effect is still not good. How can we make the skin rosy and shiny? In fact, a simple method of Dubai massage at home can make the skin white and rosy.

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Massage in Dubai
Dubai Massage Full Service

After thoroughly cleansing the skin with lukewarm water, apply the massage cream or oil you need, detoxifying, moisturizing, whitening... Open pores by massage, remove deep "garbage" (dirt and toxins), promote blood circulation and lymphatic Circulate while replenishing the active ingredients your skin needs - 5 minutes at a time, 1-2 times a week, to make your skin look white and rosy.

The skin is white and rosy, and the complexion is ruddy, which can give people a feeling of youth and vitality. In addition to makeup, what other ways can I have a good complexion that is white and red? I'll teach you a few tricks.

Hot compresses, due to excessive fatigue or excessive water intake, will cause edema of the facial skin. The way to deal with edema is also very simple, as long as the blood circulation of the face is promoted, the edema will naturally subside. Hot compresses on the face are a great way to reduce swelling. In your spare time, let your face do a SPA, which can replenish moisture and eliminate edema, killing two birds with one stone.

Gentle massage, for face or a full body massage in Dubai, the skin blood circulation is not smooth, how can it be rosy? Gently massage the face twice a day to stimulate blood vessels and lymphatics and promote detoxification.

Massage method 1: After washing your hands and drying them, rub them to generate heat; push along the sides of the nose, eye circles, forehead and ears to both sides, and gently massage 10 to 20 times; the pressure should be slow and moderate.

Massage Method 2: Spray twice as much skin-rejuvenating toner as usual; move the palms laterally and pat the forehead; start from the sides of the chin, gently pat the cheeks from bottom to top to the temple; The technique is to pat the eye end; after the pat, respray the toner.

Massage method 3: Use the pulp of the ring finger, from the head of the eye to the temple, to massage in orderly; Exfoliate, the metabolites of the skin should be cleaned up in time, otherwise the skin will appear dull. The keratin conditioning gel is gentler and easier to peel off the keratin, and it can also accelerate blood circulation, leaving the skin rosy and supple. Cuticle care, after the skin is cleansed, the cuticle is directly exposed to the environment, and it is inevitably a bit fragile. At this time, it is necessary to add resistance to the cuticle. Cuticle care products, in fact, cream is very good. Pour an appropriate amount of the cream into the palm of your hand; drop a few drops of the absorption-boosting base oil into the cream, then rub it with your hands to warm it up; gently apply to the face.

It should be noted that each massage time should be 5-10 minutes, not too long. Massage also has a mild exfoliating effect, 1-2 times a week is appropriate, so, not too much. And you can also get some knowledge about head massage, you can combine the head and face to get a long time massage. Thin, sensitive, red-blooded skin should not be massaged. After the massage, moisturizing mask, nutritional mask and skin care products should also be used to lock the pores opened by the massage.

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